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10 unpopular opinions about virtual reality, according to Reddit

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The Meta Quest Pro VR headset is now available for pre-order and boasts some impressive specs. Only time will tell if virtual reality enthusiasts can get past the hefty price tag to get yet another major advancement in standalone VR. They’ve quickly established themselves in the VR market, but many are still skeptical about what Meta has to offer in the long run.

This is not the only area of ​​disagreement among VR fans. From whether PCVR is worth the cost to whether you need motion controls in your VR game, many turn to his Reddit to share the hottest and unpopular views on exciting tech. Did.

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10/10 No shortage of VR games

The notion that VR has a shortage of good games is an outdated idea shared by fewer VR fans these days, but many believe the options will expand more fully in the years to come. Redditor QuinSanguine still claims that “there are plenty of games in VR”, pointing to what’s on offer in the vast libraries of Oculus and PlayStation, as well as SteamVR. increase.

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Triple-A releases are so rare that, with a few notable exceptions, VR games rarely get much fanfare around their release. As a result, the user usually has to search for games of interest on his own to unlock his VR games, which already have a huge number and variety available today.

9/10 Standalone VR headsets are never taken seriously

As companies such as Meta and Pico continue to push stand-alone VR technology, it becomes more affordable, and as users are able to do far more with their VR headsets, the technology is becoming more and more popular. It’s easy to feel like we’re jumping in the right direction. However, not everyone agrees that standalone headsets are the future.

Redditor NewAccount971 believes that “standalone devices will be relegated to children’s toys and never taken seriously”, in contrast to PCVR. The greater accessibility afforded by a standalone headset also means it’s more child-friendly, but some argue that this is just a plus for a device that has a much broader appeal than expensive headsets. There is also

8/10 Games don’t need smooth movement

Being able to smoothly move from one place to another has long been the norm in gaming, so not everyone is keen on playing VR games where the only mode of transportation is instant teleportation. . However, Redditor jrsedwick thinks this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

According to them, “developers must be able to make the games they want, […] More options don’t necessarily mean better.In Death: Unchained As an example to support this, as smooth movement was awkwardly added to the game even though the gameplay was built around teleporting. But purists may still advocate free movement.

In theory, the promise that Shadow PC and other cloud-based PCs could give anyone with the right headset the power of a gaming rig capable of running even the most high-end VR titles. is incredibly impressive. However, Redditor screenslaver5963 was unimpressed, stating “I’m tired of hearing about them”.

They explain that latency when playing is simply “too high unless you live in a server room.” Cloud gaming has taken a big hit lately with Google’s announcement that it’s shutting down Stadia last month, and until latency issues are worked out, services like Shadow PC will see more success, at least in the gaming world. It seems unlikely. VR.

6/10 VR games don’t always need motion controls

For some people, being able to interact with a VR environment with the same kinds of motions and gestures they use in the real world is part of an immersive experience without which it wouldn’t be worth it. For others like Redditor Diocletion-Jones, it’s not such a big deal.

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In their opinion, “first-person VR experiences don’t always require full-motion hand-tracking mechanics.” There are some obvious advantages to sticking with what works, given that it could be much easier to implement in many VR games.

5/10 VR Means Controllers Can Be Simplified

Aside from small innovations, game controllers have remained largely the same for decades in terms of the number of buttons/thumbsticks, button types, and general placement. Redditor ArthAnsgar is a staunch supporter of the notion that VR doesn’t need a controller that complicated.

According to them, “Many of the functions performed by controller (or kbm) inputs can be covered with motion tracking.” Aside from basic elements such as movement and menus, motion tracking can do a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of how players interact with the game, and more simplified game controllers match. enable the possibility to

4/10 PCVR is not worth the cost

Some of the best VR games of recent years require a PC to play them, and looking at the sheer number of titles available on services like SteamVR, PCVR has a relatively high cost. However, Redditor GoooD1 isn’t going to counter that “PCVR doesn’t seem worth it.”

They explained that “most PCVR titles look like glorified mobile games,” and there is often a big difference in scale and ambition between PC and mobile games, and not so much when it comes to VR. pointing out that there is no Given the cost of high-end gaming rigs, it’s no surprise that some gamers want to further develop VR’s potential before making the investment.

3/10 VR games shouldn’t have lens flares

For simple lighting effects, lens flares are a topic that I feel very strongly about, whether it’s an effect that’s overused in action movies or outright used in video games. His VonHagenstein on Redditor commented:

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Given how good modern VR technology is at reducing visual clutter, there’s something strange about adding disruptive lighting effects directly to the action. Lens flares, on the other hand, can give even simple scenes a cinematic feel by mimicking the feel of a cinema camera. For some, that extra sense of spectacle could help heighten an already immersive experience.

2/10 VR developers need to consider accessibility

Optimists about technology wonder how much freedom virtual reality can bring users not only in new ways to experience games, but also in how to gain new experiences such as traveling the world with just a headset. Well spoken. With that in mind, Redditor Paksarra believes developers should “keep accessibility needs in mind.”

They explain that “VR offers all sorts of experiences for people who might not otherwise be able to do it,” but they need certain kinds of movements that not everyone can easily do. It explains that doing so may run the risk of excluding the same people. Some fans just want to see more VR games and apps without considering this. .

Meta’s reputation has suffered in recent years due to a lot of notoriety and a divisive decision to focus a lot of effort on the Metaverse, which many users are skeptical about, but many VR enthusiasts are optimistic about the company thanks to I have a warmer image of Their efforts to make VR more affordable.

Redditor’s WideSmilesAbound commented, “Their hottest view is that Meta will be very successful in building the Metaverse.” Many think Meta has picked a bad time to invest heavily, but the gamble could pay off big in the coming years as technology develops.

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