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2019 NHL class re-draft: Moritz Sider and Trevor Zeglas move up

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Today, we take a look at the 2019 NHL Draft and how the order of players has changed over the three years since.

Ratings are primarily based on previous seasons, so they don’t incorporate new information from NHL training camps or the first few weeks of the season in other leagues, unless they’re overwhelming.

A player had to be drafted and drafted during the 2019 NHL Draft to be eligible for this article.

Note: This exercise is not intended as a mock draft. Rather, this is my personal take on how the order of players from this draft class has changed.

TIER 1: Expected Bubble Elite NHL Players and NHL All-Stars

1. Jack Hughes, C (No.1 pick)
2. Moritz Cider, RHD (Nominated 6th)
3. Trevor Zeglas, C (Nominated 9th)

I would be surprised if there was a lot of discussion in the comments about these three players being the best players in this draft class. Hughes, Seider and Zegras have all emerged as legitimate NHL stars to lay the groundwork for their respective clubs’ futures. Other players may try to put the prize money on him, but Hughes has a very good chance of being the best player in this draft after he was the No. 1 overall pick in 2019.

Tier 2: Predicted Bubble NHL All-Stars and Top of the Lineup Players

Four. Dylan Cozens, C (No.7 pick)
Five. Bowen Byram, LHD (Nominated 4th)

Byram is a player who has risen to stardom in the NHL. When he’s healthy, he’s very impressive and played a big part in the Stanley Cup for the Colorado team.It’s been predicted by many that Cozens is this high, and his NHL career so far. I admit that it is not based on his track record. I know a lot about his toolkit and extensive track record of success. Most recently when he was one of the best players at the World Championships. I think he will eventually become a big player.


6. Matt Boldy, LW (12th nomination)
7. Cole Corfield, RW (No.15 pick)
8. Arthur Kariev, RW (33rd pick)
9. Spencer Knight, G (13th nomination)
Ten. Kirby Duck, C (Nominated 3rd)
11. Peyton Krebs, C (17th nomination)

Arthur Kariev made the biggest move out of the draft slot after being named early in the second round due to concerns about skating and competitiveness. As a professional he is very good. He’s not really good in the NHL yet, but he seemed to belong. Matt Boldy and Cole Caulfield have also been criticized for their draft-era skating, and Cole for his size, but both have already become players helping the club win games. increase.

TIER 4: Predicted Bubble Top and Mid Lineup Players

12. Kaapokak, RW (Nominated 2nd)
13. Vasili Podkolzin, RW (No.10 pick)
14. Philip Tommasino, RW (No. 24 pick)
15. Thomas Hurley, LHD (18th nomination)
16. Alex Newhook, C (No.16 pick)
17. Shane Pinto, C (32nd pick)

Shane Pinto is the only non-first-round pick represented in this tier. When healthy he appeared to be a very accomplished competitive center, not overly fast, but it seems he should have had a long and successful NHL career. Kaapo Kakko, the second overall pick from the draft, will certainly be a point of contention. Can you claim him higher? of course. We have seen very skilled wingers of size who can pull off power and finesse games. His skating has become a debate about how much offense he can generate.I wouldn’t be shocked if he had a big season.

Tomasino and Hurley listed here are more predictions than they are currently doing, as they were sent to the AHL from camp. Both have their own toolkits and should become important players for the team over time.

TIER 5: Predicted Midfielder or Starting Goalkeeper

18. Philip Broberg, LHD (no, 8 picks)
19. Elmer Soderblom, LW (No.159 pick)
20. cam yoke, LHD (14th nomination)
twenty one. Jacob Peltier, LW (26th nomination)
twenty two. Nolan Foot, LW (No.27 pick)
twenty three. Nils Hoglander, LW (No.40 pick)
twenty four. Conor McMichael, C (No.25 pick)
twenty five. Zach Jones, LHD (No.68 pick)
26. Dustin Wolfe, G (No.214 pick)
27. Drew Helson, RHD (No.47 pick)
28. Ville Heinola, LHD (No.20 pick)
29. Alex Turcotte, C (Nominated 5th)
30. Dmitri Voronkov, LW (No.114 pick)
31. Nicholas Robertson, LW (No.53 pick)
32. Victor Soderstrom, RHD (11th nomination)
33. Samuel Fagemo, RW (No.50 pick)
34. Jordan Spence, RHD (Pick 95)
35. Rian Johnson, LHD (31st pick)

This group has seen a lot of changes since draft day. Elmer Soderblom, a huge winger, and Dustin Wolfe, a small goaltender who will be represented after having a big 2021-22 season against the men, have two late picks. Soderblom has to prove he can move with NHL players and Wolf has to prove he can stop his NHL shooter, but both tend to be very positive. Jones and Drew Helleson are also two defensemen who have grown since their draft days. Jones is a mobile and intelligent defenseman who lacks size and is getting better every year. Helleson is a more stereotypical top defense prospect with size, mobility and secondary offense.

Philip Broberg is a player in this tier that I have seriously discussed moving up to higher groups. He’s a very elite athlete, had a strong season at Bakersfield, and if his offensive game is even average in his NHL, he could be an excellent defenseman.

TIER 6: Plans to play NHL games

36. Aliaksei Protas, C. (91st pick)
37. Ronnie Attard, RHD (No.72 pick)
38. Yuso Parshinen, C (No.210 pick)
39. Arseny Gritsyuk, LW (No.129 pick)
40. Tobias Bjornfot, LHD (22nd nomination)
41. Marc Castellik, C (No.125 pick)
42. John Beecher, C (No.30 pick)
43. Jackson Lacombe, LHD (39th pick)
44. Kaedan Korczak, RHD (No.41 pick)
45. Alex Vlasic, LHD (No.43 pick)
46. Lassie Thomson, RHD (19th nomination)
47. Albert Johansson, LHD (No.60 pick)
48. Matthew Robertson, LHD (No.49 pick)
49. Brett Leeson, RW (N0.56 pick)
50. Mats Sogard, G (No.37 pick)
51. Matthias Maccheri, LW (Pick 98)
52. Matthias Norinder, LHD (No.64 pick)
53. Bobby Brink, RW (34th pick)
54. Samuel Paulin, C (Nominated 21st)
55. Adam Beckman, LW (No.75 pick)
56. Eric Portillo, G (No.67 pick)
57. Pavel Dorofeyev, LW (No.79 pick)
58. Pyotr Kochetkov, G (36th pick)
59. Ryan Suzuki, C (28th nomination)
60. Matei Blumer, LW (No.100 pick)
61. Jamieson Reese, C (No.44 pick)
62. Artemi Knyazev, LHD (No.48 pick)
63. Vladislav Koryachonok, LHD (No.52 pick)
64. Kim Noushainen, LHD (No.119 pick)
65. Graham Clark, RW (Pick #80)
66. Nick Abruzise, ​​C (No.124 pick)
67. John Ludvig, LHD (No.69 pick)
68. Raphael Lavoie, RW (38th pick)
69. Nikita Alexandrov, C (No.62 pick)
70. Semyon Chistyakov, LHD (No.117 pick)

Several years into the 2019 draft, there is still room for mid-to-late picks to develop and move up. This tier is led by several later picks in Protas, Attard, Parsinen and Grychuk, tending to make the NHL. Attard is the typical late-blooming type of player who didn’t qualify for his first year when he was drafted. Protas and Parsinen overcame their skating problems, with Protas in particular looking good as a pro.

Tier 7: Chance to play NHL games

71. Aidan McDonagh, LW (No.195 pick)
72. Henry Thrun, LHD (No.101 pick)
73. Simon Holmstrom, LW (Nominated 23rd)
74. Michal Tepri, RW (No.105 pick)
75. Tyce Thompson, RW (No.96 pick)
76. Judd Caulfield, RW (No.145 pick)
77. Daniil Michel, LHD (No.70 pick)
78. Cole Schwindt, RW (81st nomination)
79. Victor Rodin, LW (No.94 pick)
80. Santeri Hatakka, LHD (No.184 pick)
81. Marshall Warren, LHD (no, 166 picks)
82. Vadim Jelenko, G (No.208 pick)
83. Valtteri Pustinen, RW (No.203 pick)
84. Robert Mastrosimone, LW (No.54 pick)
85. Alexander Campbell, LW (No.65 pick)
86. Antoni Honka, RHD (No.83 pick)
87. Hunter Skinner, RHD (No.112 pick)
88. Michael Vukojević, LHD (No.82 pick)
89. Matthew Steenberg, RW (No.63 pick)
90. Jaden Struble, LHD (No.46 pick)
91. Maxence Gennett, RHD (No.187 pick)
92. John Farinacci, C (No.76 pick)
93. Braden Tracy, LW (29th nomination)
94. Nathan Regale, RW (No.74 pick)
95. Henri Nikkanen, C (No.113 pick)
96. Alex Vorcage, RW (No.78 pick)
97. Frederic Dicault, G (No.138 pick)
98. Domenic Fensor, LHD (90th pick)
99. Aaron Huglen, RW (No.102 pick)
100. Artus Silovs, G. (No.156 pick)
101. Egor Afanasiev, LW (No.45 pick)
102. Isaiah Saville, G (No.135 pick)
103. Patrick Puistra, LW (No.73 pick)
104. Patrick Moynihan, RW (No.158 pick)
105. Nikita Okochuk, LHD (No.61 pick)
106. Vladislav Filstov, LW (No.42 pick)
107. Hugo Arneveld, G (No.71 pick)
108. Ethan Hider, G (No.148 pick)

(Illustration: Samuel Richardson/ athletic; Photo: Getty Images)