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2022 AR Cloud Market Report: Augmented Reality's Next Frontier -

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Dublin–(business wire)– Added AR Cloud: The Next Frontier for Augmented Reality report of Recruitment.

Advanced technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (XR) have come a long way in recent years.

companies mentioned

  • extended city

  • Niantic

  • Starfy


  • You are

Many mobile and head-mounted devices support immersive technology and require point clouds for multiple users to view and access information in real time. Enterprises have invested in building point clouds to incorporate advanced technologies and innovations for efficient operations.

AR Cloud is a next-generation technology that creates digital replicas of real-world environments and delivers data quickly and conveniently. Enterprises face significant challenges when operating and managing AR clouds with large continuous data flows that can lead to complexity and inefficient data management. Data security is also essential in dynamic application environments that hold so much data.

Another challenge for AR cloud companies is the evolving digital age. This drives the need for multiple point clouds running concurrently, high-bandwidth networks, and high-speed edge computing.

In this study, publishers assess the impact and emerging applications of AR Cloud.

This research covers:

  • AR Cloud overview

  • technology landscape

  • trend evaluation

  • Factors Affecting Adoption: Growth Drivers and Restraints

  • Application and Impact

  • Implementation example

  • technology roadmap

  • growth opportunity

  • strategic insight

Main topics:

1. Strategic Imperative

2. Growth Opportunity Analysis

  • Scope of analysis

  • segmentation

  • growth driver

  • growth suppression

3. Prospects for AR technology

  • technology snapshot

  • Key technology attributes

  • Internet of Places: The Ubiquitous Impact

  • Workflow overview

  • business impact

  • Benefits for companies

4. Evaluation of technology and market trends

  • Technology and market trends

  • patent landscape

  • Regional trends and insights

5. Application and Impact: Implementation Scenarios

  • industrial applications

  • Impact evaluation

  • Technology implementation and use cases

6. Enterprise in action

  • Niantic, USA

  • You AR, USA

  • starfy, usa

  • Augmented City, Italy


7. Growth Opportunity Universe

  • Growth Opportunity 1: Immersive Experiences in a Connected World

  • Growth Opportunity 2: Working Together

  • Growth Opportunity 3: Data Management and Security

8. Technology Roadmap and Strategic Insights

  • Integrated technology roadmap

  • Conclusion

  • strategic insight

  • Main contact

9. Appendix

10. Next steps

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