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2023 NHL Draft Diary: Adam Fantilli

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University of Michigan’s Adam Fantilli will submit his draft diary to this season for the 2023 NHL Draft, which will take place June 28-29 at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. Born in Nobleton, Ontario, the 18-year-old freshman center (6-foot-2, 195 pounds) is an expected first-round selection. He scored 8 points (1 point and 7 assists) in 4 games this season, and in 2021, he will play 54 games in Chicago of the US Hockey League and score 74 points (37 points and 37 assists), making him a First Team All-Star. Elected. twenty two.

Hello hockey fans:

I am very happy to have the opportunity to write a draft diary on this season. For my first post of the season, I’d like to give you a little background.

My grandparents came from Italy and my father had never played hockey, but as soon as he got here he became a big fan and always watched hockey. I think his dad put me on skates two weeks after his second birthday.

I played other sports that were not as high level as hockey. I played lacrosse and golf and traveled to go snowboarding, so I was doing a little bit of everything.

I consider myself a fast, two-way, skilled forward. I like to emphasize my offensive ability as much as possible while holding the puck in the offensive zone, but I also don’t forget the importance of the defensive zone and the importance of defense.

I chose to play hockey in Michigan because I trained there in the summer and looked pretty good. My brother (Luka) joined here about two years before I did. The school was close to my home and many of my friends were very enthusiastic about it, so it was a very good choice. We were also recruited in large numbers from North Dakota, but decided on Michigan.

It’s great to play with my brother in Michigan. We spent time together in prep school in New Hampshire, USHL in Chicago he went to for two years and now he’s in Michigan. Not many people experience playing with their siblings, but it’s nice to have a family member when you’re living away from home.

Luca is a very smart and underrated defenseman. He’s small in weight (6-0, 183 lbs) and probably needs to wear a little more and get stronger, but he’s got a very good hockey brain. , offensive when he can and has a really good stick defensively.

I can’t even describe how dialed in we are in Michigan. His sophomore year in ours is great and the first year classes are so many and you get a lot of knowledge. You can feel that winning is the culture here, not at the expense of development. The way everything is built, the way we work every day is to attack it, improve it and prepare for next weekend. That’s kind of the culture we’re building here. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of it. We are obviously very hungry to prove something this year. I think our seniors would say the same thing about last year’s situation.

Interim coach Brandon Naulaht was great. He’s obviously learning like all of us, but he’s doing a phenomenal job with how he implements the style he wants to play, how he creates drills for us to do and learn . He’s a very smart, very intelligent guy and knows what he’s talking about. I’m really looking forward to seeing how you can turn it into something special. He played here in Michigan (2005-09) so he knows what it’s like. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone dial in a video in my life. He has a hard drive on the video hard drive and whenever you ask him about it he can pull out NHL clips, college clips, whatever you need.

Finally, when it comes to personal goals, I’m not very results-oriented right now. I focus on the process of being the best player for the team and trying to play a specific role so that I can achieve what I want to achieve. That’s what matters most to me. Hopefully at the end of the year we lift the trophy…that’s all.

Thank you for reading this month. Enjoy your NHL season.

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