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5G will take the education system to the next level.School of Virtual Reality: Prime Minister Modi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday highlighted India’s progress in the technology sector and said 5G services will transform India’s education sector. On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Mission School of Excellence in Adalaj, Gandhinagar.

The Prime Minister walked the campus of the Mission School of Excellence. He also interacted with children. “Recently, the country has entered the era of the fifth generation (5G) of mobile and internet services. So far he has used internet services up to 4G. I’m trying to do it.”

The prime minister said 5G will revolutionize the education sector. “Ahead of smart services, smart classrooms and smart education, 5G will take the education system to the next level. Students will experience virtual reality and the Internet of Things in schools. I’ve taken the first step, it’s excellent.”

Modi said the changes in the education sector in Gujarat over the past two decades are unprecedented. Ms. H said, “Twenty years ago, 20 out of 100 children were out of school. Many of those who were in school dropped out by the time they reached a standard of 8. Girls’ situation Girls were not sent to school in some villages.In tribal areas, the available education centers had no facilities to teach science.

“As Chief Minister of Gujarat, I myself went from village to village and urged people to send their daughters to school.As a result, today almost all sons and daughters in Gujarat start school, I am continuing my education at the university,” he added. In Gujarat’s education sector, the prime minister said there is always something new and some unique and big experiments going on.

“We established the Teacher Education Institute, the first teacher training college in Gujarat. In 20 years, the people of Gujarat have demonstrated the transformation of education in the state. More than 20,000 teachers Adopted,” Modi said. He said the central government has decided to build more than 14,500 of his ‘PM Shri’ schools across the country. These schools will become model schools for new national education policies across the country. He said efforts are underway to create courses in several Indian languages, including Gujarati.

The new National Education Policy Prime Minister said it was an attempt to bring in talent and innovation. “Students are now starting to have the opportunity to study science, technology and medicine in Indian languages,” he said. According to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), the Mission School of Excellence is envisioned with a total expenditure of Rs 10,000.

During the event in Trimandir, Prime Minister Modi launched a project worth around 426 billion rupees. The mission will help strengthen Gujarat’s educational infrastructure through the installation of new classrooms, smart classrooms, computer labs, and overall upgrades of Gujarat’s school infrastructure. (Ani)

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