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7 Potential Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

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When you think of sweet potatoes, you might think of one of several varieties. From sunset-colored garnets to pleasant purple Okinawan, this tuber in the morning glory family has hundreds of varieties that vary in color and flavor. (Not to be confused with the brown, hairy skin, pale flesh, and less sweet yam.)

With a long history (more than 5,000 years according to the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse), the sweet potato has made an impression on cuisines around the world. It is a staple in African, Caribbean and Pacific Island cuisine. And while they may have once been relegated to overly sweet Thanksgiving casseroles in the United States, these days, sweet potatoes can be found at the center of all manner of savory dishes, including curries, tacos, salads, and French fries. I can do it.

No matter how you cook it, you’ll get delicious, colorful results and it’s packed with nutrients. Beneath the rustic jacket are many nutrients, including high amounts of vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber and manganese. Not surprisingly, these lead to multiple potential health benefits. Here are seven to consider.

1. Sweet potatoes stabilize blood sugar levels

Sweet potatoes tend to get more press than white potatoes. One such example: effects on blood sugar levels.