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After sports, rest: food ideas to steal from gym restaurants

Arcocel Canteen

Responsible environment

macula At night, behind the large windows of an industrially decorated attic room, there is a green table manned by a team of enthusiasts.

on the plate This organic terrace canteen, called Ecotable, sends out creative dishes that will make you smile (vegetable bowl, chef’s ramen, catch of the day, etc.). Even burgers are on the menu! A homage to the local terrain based on IGP shredded pork shoulder (17€) or Hauts-de-France (15€), to accompany local beer, natural wine or craft cola.

Correct nutrition idea A balanced burger (organic bread, quality meat, crunchy vegetables) and a sports diet do not conflict. To avoid slouching, support the body and rebuild muscle tissue after a session, long live the homemade burgers: carbs, proteins and fiber!

Arcoz Lille, 75, Rue des Posts, Lille (59). every day.

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macula In South Pigalle, the Hoy house (house of yoga) houses a hotel with a restaurant that cultivates the art of good living (meditation, yoga, treatments for well-being, etc.) as well as good eating.

on the plate Gorgeous, vegetarian, Latin American-inspired dishes centered around fresh produce, imagined by the founders of Plant Academy London, to fuel energy and harmonize the chakras. We love the charcoal focaccia served with fermented vegetables with turmeric, in the escabeche (€15).

Correct nutrition idea Anti-inflammatory cuisine rich in often deficient micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc.) but also in nourishing foods and immune boosters: hemp and chia seeds, which facilitate transit, low-glycemic yacon syrup, or even pollen protective…

Hotel Hoy, 68, rue des Martyrs, Paris-9th. Lunch, Monday to Sunday, dinner, Tuesday to Saturday.



macula A café hidden under the magnificent glass roof of the Club La Montgolfière, where sports lovers (cardio, boxing, gym, cycling, etc.), epicureans (massage, sauna, hammam, exhibitions, etc.), teleworkers and culture lovers meet (openings, conferences, etc.), DJ sets…).

on the plate Seasonal gourmet cuisine, created by the duo for the excellent Gramme restaurant, using local produce from sustainable farming. Irresistible, a bowl of green curry with glazed carrots, boiled chard, sweetened onions, porcini mushrooms, coconut milk, kaffir lime, and silken tofu (€15). Also a good choice with smorrebrod with eggplant and parmesan caviar, pickled onions and eggs with soybeans (8 euros). Quench your thirst with matcha, natural wine or craft beer.

Correct nutrition idea Prefers 100% homemade, unprocessed cooking based on less irritating cooked fibers: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and dried fruits that promote satiety, gut health and athletic performance.

La Montgolfiere, 25, rue Yves-Toudic, Paris-10. Monday through Thursday until 10pm, Friday and weekends until 6pm

© La Montgolfier

Nungesser’s Workshop

the stranger

macula In the Valenciennes water complex, famous for its 20-meter diving hole, where water sports and fitness activities are practiced, there is also a wellness area and a full-fledged restaurant overlooking the pool, which will please the whole family.

on the plate A colorful kitchen, open to flavors from around the world (lavender scallops, ten-spice pepper sauce, etc.) with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. on the list? Dishes filled with cereals, cooked and raw vegetables with or without meat or fish (€13.50), meat or vegetables with homemade ketchup, pasta and healthy desserts (rhubarb broth, thyme honey and almonds) are unanimous.

Correct nutrition idea Nice combinations (grains – vegetables or vegetables – proteins) that do not slow down the digestion process, to make up for the needs before or after exercise, without skipping the sweets where white sugar is replaced with oilseeds that avoid hyperglycemia.

Aquatic Centre, 260, rue François Colli, Valenciennes (59). Daily from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.



macula At the entrance to the ultra-chic Clay Gym (cardio, boxing, fitness, pilates, spa, hammam and barber), virtuous vegan, team-run at Shapur’s signature restaurant.

on the plate A festive place where you dip your veggies and eat them with your fingers, and you share the crown of hula bread. On the menu, nothing but veggies (and grains)! Cooked over coals, on a barbecue, under the sand or served raw, there are endless variations accompanied by natural wines or exquisite cocktails made with flowers and herbs. Dish of the moment: Chachlik (€18), a carpaccio of roasted and smoked beets served with feta and mezcal vinaigrette.

Correct nutrition idea Yes to a serving of gently cooked grains and vegetables to preserve maximum vitamins and nutrients. We stay zen if we overdo it! Clay, 4 bis, rue Saint-Sauveur, Paris -2. Lunch, Monday to Friday, Dinner, Monday to Saturday.