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World Health Summit and WHO Nutrition and Food Safety Authority


No pre-registration is required and the event can be watched online. The link for this session (WS27) can be found in the World Health Summit Online Program. Click on the session and the entry link will be available in the online program. You can access it from your PC, tablet or smartphone. Interactive format by chat. Q&A functionality, screen and document sharing.


In 2022, the world faces competing and worsening threats from COVID-19, climate change, economic shocks and ongoing conflicts. These threats are creating unprecedented levels of need, including supply chain disruptions, high food prices and crop shortages, testing an already fragile food system. The resulting food crisis exacerbates all forms of malnutrition. Undernutrition, early childhood wasting and stunting are on the rise as thousands of people are forced into starvation. Rising levels of micronutrient deficiencies, overweight and obesity, and economic shocks that keep more than 3 billion people out of a healthy diet, high in unhealthy fats, sugar and salt. Highly processed foods rich in

Food security is defined as the physical, social and economic access of all people to sufficient, safe and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs and preferences. Urgent action is needed to overcome the immediate state of food insecurity and ensure food availability, while providing adequate and nutritionally balanced food and working towards the goals It is also imperative to apply lessons from the past about the dangers of a siled focus on calories at the expense of. Build a resilient food system for long-term accessibility. This vision includes action across the food, health, social protection, trade and education sectors and effective food systems to ensure that the immediate and long-term food and nutrition needs of the population are met. governance is required. Without action, food security and malnutrition threaten to exacerbate global threats, increase the food system’s contribution to climate change, and fuel conflict situations.


The aim of this workshop was to explore the current challenges to food security and nutrition posed by global threats, innovative and evidence-based solutions to meet immediate needs, and provide healthy diets for all. to find long-term solutions to build resilient food systems for

chairman and moderator

  • Francesco Blanca – Director of Nutrition and Food Safety, World Health Organization


  • mamnur rahman malik – Somali Mission and Representative, World Health Organization, Somalia
  • Purnima MenonSenior Director, Food and Nutrition Policy, CGIAR, and Senior Research Fellow, US, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
  • Sean Baker – United States, USAID, Chief Dietitian
  • Sylvia Bender – Undersecretary of State, German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL)
  • Valerie Garnieri – World Food Program Deputy Executive Director, Italy
  • Caroline Meredo – Bayer AG Director, Consumer Health, Environmental and Social Governance (ESG), Communications, Science, Sustainability, Switzerland
  • Florian Westfahl – CEO, Save the Children, Germany