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Arcomia – Ethereum-based Virtual Reality Platform

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The introduction of the Metaverse has become a hot topic in the tech world, with many big names such as Nike, Google, Disney, and Microsoft entering the market. Many users are attracted to the social or gaming aspects of technology, while others see it as an investment, acquisition, and business opportunity. Several metaverse-based projects have sprung up in the last few years. One of them is Arcomia.

Introducing Alcomia

Arcomia is an Ethereum-based virtual reality project that enables users to create, experience, and monetize content and applications using the project’s utility token, RCM. Holders of RCM tokens can use them to participate in governance decisions on the platform, such as exercising voting rights through decentralized autonomous organizations or DAOs. Users can also own virtual parcels of land on a blockchain-based ledger of parcels.

Each landowner can control the type of content published on their portion of land. Each piece of content is identified by a set of coordinates such as x, y, z. This means that Arcomia’s virtual world can be scaled both horizontally and vertically. The vertical approach is a unique approach to solving the problem of dead parcels that users cannot move.

Project land is represented as a non-fungible, transferable and scarce tokenized asset that can be acquired using RCM or using ETH on the secondary market. Content authors can create content ranging from static 3D scenes to interactive systems such as games. RCM tokens can also be used to purchase digital goods and services within the metaverse.

The main purpose of the Arcomia project is to bring blockchain into the mainstream virtual experience. By offering advantages such as interoperability, monetization capabilities, digital scarcity and true ownership, we hope to attract both crypto and non-crypto gaming enthusiasts.

Describing the User Generated Ecosystem (UGE) in Arcomia

To provide a comprehensive user-generated content experience, Arcomia’s ecosystem has brought together three integrated products.

– Alcomia Asset Creator

Using the Asset Creator component, users can create, design, and own virtual assets on the blockchain within the ecosystem. Arcomia makes creating virtual assets much easier than other existing metaverses by providing a user-friendly interface and templates for recipes, plans, etc.

– Experience Maker

The Experience Maker component allows Arcomia users to place and use their assets within their parcels. Users can also decorate their land with assets and implement subtle and interesting gameplay his mechanics. You can assign predefined behaviors to each asset using the Visual Script node. This allows you to transform a parcel of land from a decorative experience into a potential full experience.

– Alcomia Marketplace

Arcomia’s web-based marketplace is similar to OpenSea. Any user can upload, publish or sell works created using Arcomia Asset Creator.


Overall, Arcomia offers an open-world experience that allows users to explore and approach the experience as freely as possible. Phase 1 of Arcomia’s public sale will begin on his November 28theye, 2022. It is expected to be one of the breakout NFT projects of the year due to its simplicity, true ownership potential, and monetization potential.


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