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Are You Wearing It!? 5 Best & Worst NHL Retro Jerseys

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The NHL Reverse Retro Jersey 2022 is ready to use. Many teams should be asked to troll after what we’ve seen, including the blessed and exiled New York Islanders fisherman and the Anaheim Ducks “Mighty Ducks” logo, but some team is right.

I feel sorry for my colleagues who fondly remember Penguin RoboPigeon. Some of us had to cover Generation Next and Generation X. Some of us were hot for days after Mario-led Penguin’s three-peat bid fell through.Robo Pigeon debuted in his 1993 and it all went downhill from there. It was penguin hockey’s most turbulent era. Adding to his constant frustration and sinking fortunes, Mario Lemieux had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, retired, and was coached by defense-first taskmaster Kevin Constantine.

Also not clean.

However, the Pittsburgh Penguins did not make the Top 5 list for either NHL Reverse Retro Jersey (although they were fairly close to the bottom 5).

Top 5 NHL Reverse Retro Jersey

5. Montreal Canadiens

Bleu, Blanc and Rouge should never be altered or tinkered with, but Montreal has done a great job creating new sweaters that maintain their “Canadian” heritage. is.

Count the light blue fans with contrasting blue bands and traditional logos.

Montreal Canadiens New Reverse Retro Jersey Unveiled

4. LA Kings

Purple and gold are back! They weren’t the most popular jerseys of the time, but they had a regal panache and a cult following.Marcel Dion. A young Barney Nichols and Luc Robitaille.

LA Kings Reverse Retro 2.0 Released — 7 Things You Need to Know Now

It remains perhaps the most unique and interesting jersey in NHL history. They mirror the color scheme of the NBA’s Lakers (more cities should share their colors) and always represent LA.

3. Chicago Blackhawks

The Blackhawks organization needs a win. With their own hands, they openly self-destruct and their stars are ready to go.However, the retro jersey matches the style of the Original Six his sweater.

2022 NHL Reverse Retro Jersey — UNISWAG

Original Six is ​​always good. Very nice black and red. Don’t be ridiculous. No embarrassing logos. Amazing.

2. vegas golden nights

Are you shocked that Vegas does it right? The jersey is a little gaudy for old man tastes like mine, but knowing the history makes it pretty cool.

The lettering is from the Excalibur Hotel. The figures are meant to recreate the lost Vegas treasure, the Stardust Hotel.

Oh, and the jersey glows in the dark during Fortress’ pre-game presentation.

Vegas Golden Knights NHL Reverse Retro Jersey 2022

1 San Jose Sharks

Someone came up with a great idea and someone else agreed. The San Jose Sharks have abandoned their heraldic “seal” but honor the 1970s California Golden Seal, then Flint his Tropic. white skate. special color. And a few days of inside story. Sweaters aren’t for everyone, but they stand out and tell great stories.

BREAKING: Shark's New Reverse Retro Jersey Revealed | San Jose Hockey Now

Top 5 Worst NHL Reverse Retro Jerseys

This list was much harder to curate. There was so much to choose from. Honorable mention to the Eagle Fang Karate logo starring the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Reverse Retro and the Washington Capitals.

5. Boston Bruins

Winnie the Pooh!

The Boston Bruins’ Reverse Retro recalls the most reviled sweater in original 6’ers history. A retina-burning gold base with a giant bear head. This jersey came out in 1995, long before emojis became popular on smartphones.

You know where I’m going with this, right? Winnie the Pooh or Winnie the Pooh?

Boston Bruins Reverse Retro Jersey

Even Anson Carter can’t believe it.

4. Edmonton Oilers

Do you have toast? It’s not a dippy egg. (Note the proper use of the yinzer term).

RELEASE: Adidas and NHL Unveil 2022 Reverse Retro Jersey

3. New York Islanders

Gorton fishermen can always be trusted. Almighty God, these things have been ridiculed nonstop since before social media even existed, to see our ridicule and ridicule packed into his 280 characters, thousands I didn’t need a person. Instead, the hockey world laughed together. They are back!

new york islanders

“I don’t know all that might happen, but whatever it is, I go for it with a smile.” – Captain Ahab, Moby Dick.

2. Vancouver Canucks

Anyone humming a Monty Python song or waiting for an SCTV sketch by Dave Thomas? It’s Johnny Canuck. He’s a lumberjack and he’s fine.

new canucks

1. Tampa Bay Lightning

Reaching the top spot on this list isn’t easy, but Lightning has done it. more! I need more lines. What about bottom waves? more colors. Let’s add some black. People love black! Oh, and put lightning in black too. Big one! this would be very cool. It has more than all other jerseys combined!

Lightning Round: Introducing the Storm Jersey - Raw Charge

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