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Arla Foods Ingredients Introduces Electrolyte and Whey Protein Drink Concept for Sports Recovery

October 20, 2022 — Denmark-based Arla Foods Ingredients launches a concept functional drink to aid hydration and recovery. The RTD Sports Nutrition Solution features Lacprodan SP-9213, a whey protein isolate that the company says can maintain its function when combined with electrolytes.

The new beverage aims to replace lost water and associated electrolytes and promote muscle recovery, two of the company’s stated most important goals in sports nutrition.

“This is a combination that many of our customers have been asking for, and we are excited to help them meet their two biggest needs in the sports nutrition space.” Arla Foods Ingredients.

Scoring nutrition goals
According to the company, studies show that just 2% water loss during exercise can reduce performance by as much as 10%. Additionally, keep in mind that consumers are increasingly aware of the effects that hydration and electrolytes can have on physical and athletic performance.

Functional drinks combine protein and electrolytes to support peak exercise performance.What’s more, the company states that it’s been scientifically well-documented that protein intake between workouts and training sessions can lead to peak muscle recovery and increased production.

The company further asserts that 43% of consumers in the sports nutrition space want additional protein in exercise and fitness products, and 23% prefer products containing electrolytes.

“High protein and hydration trends are two of the most important factors in sports nutrition today. “This new concept demonstrates how brands can help consumers rehydrate and recover at the same time with beverages that contain both electrolytes and high-quality protein.”

All wins, no goals conceded
The functional ingredients player says its new drink shows how brands and companies can meet sports nutrition needs “without sacrificing taste.” Contains g of Lacprodan SP-9213 and allows on-pack labeling such as “contains electrolytes”, “high protein”, “low lactose” and “low sugar”.

The company also claims that RTD beverages are refreshing, light, and pair well with a variety of flavors.

The beverage will be featured alongside two other products at SupplySide West 2022 in Las Vegas, USA. “Protein In Every Layer” is a protein bar made with the company’s high-quality Lacprodan range of milk and whey proteins.

“Whey More Powerful” is another whey protein product containing Lacprodan BLG-100, a pure beta-lactoglobulin. This ingredient has been shown to improve protein intake in patients suffering from chronic kidney disease due to its low phosphorus levels.

This product boasts 45% more leucine than any other whey protein isolate on the market today.

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