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Associate Professor of Nutritional Sciences at Deakin University

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  • Based at Burwood Campus
  • full-time and continuous
  • Level D $153,058 – $168,353 + 17% Retirement Pension

Founded in 1974, Deakin is a public university in Victoria with 61,000 students across five campuses: Melbourne Burwood, Geelong Warn Ponds, Geelong Waterfront, Warrnambool and Online Cloud Campus. We are a progressive and open university with the highest student satisfaction in Victoria and consistently ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide.

The Department of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences seeks to appoint associate professors who will need to teach, conduct research, publish, and raise funds in the field of nutritional sciences. This education covers topics such as lifelong nutrition, assessment of food intake, diet and lifestyle related illnesses, and/or principles of nutrition.

We aim to increase research capacity for human dietary interventions, with a focus on food-based dietary trials and nutritional strategies for the prevention, treatment or management of healthy aging and chronic disease.

In addition to making independent contributions to the school’s teaching, research and program development, this position promotes the school and maintains links and partnerships with relevant academic, industry and professional communities. The appointee will become a member of the Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition (IPAN).

Your primary responsibilities include:

  • Apply your knowledge of human dietary interventions for the prevention, treatment, or management of healthy aging and chronic disease to your undergraduate learning experiences and resources, and your supervision of graduate students.
  • Lead educational teams in the area of ​​lifelong nutrition to assess food intake, diet and lifestyle-related diseases, and/or principles of nutrition to develop effective in-course units and course curricula and learning materials
  • Provide learner-centered, research-based teaching practices across different levels/modes of delivery
  • Lead an effective unit and course teaching team and work collaboratively with other teaching teams within the course and/or across the faculty
  • Lead the development of effective assessment tasks and rubrics across disciplines within the school, lead the coordination of assessment tasks at the discipline level, and implement innovative practices to improve learning outcomes
  • Support diverse learners by designing accessible and inclusive unit and course materials and practices
  • Take a leading role in human dietary interventions focused on food-based dietary trials and nutritional strategies for the prevention, treatment or management of healthy aging and chronic disease
  • Develop and lead partnerships and collaborations to achieve major breakthroughs, innovative solutions, and transform future real-world impacts
  • Develop and increasingly lead interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary research collaborations to enable major breakthroughs in knowledge, understanding, and solutions to complex problems in nutritional science.
  • Engage, develop and lead academic or other collaborations that enable novel, high quality and highly impactful research in nutritional science.
  • Nationally and internationally recognized as an emerging global leader in food-based dietary trials and nutritional strategies for healthy aging and human interventions focused on the nutritional prevention, treatment and management of chronic diseases Prove to keep.
  • Recruit and supervise HDR students with timely completion and production of quality results

Key selection criteria for this role:

  • PhD in Nutritional Science
  • Successful track record of obtaining competitive funding, particularly in food-based dietary trials and human dietary interventions focused on nutritional strategies for the prevention, treatment or management of healthy aging and chronic disease.
  • Successful research and publication in highly ranked journals, particularly in human dietary interventions focused on food-based dietary trials and nutritional strategies for the prevention, treatment, or management of healthy aging and chronic disease. achievements.
  • Significant experience supervising PhD students in Nutritional Sciences
  • Experience working as a productive member of a research team with a research or practice-based scholarly publication record.
  • A record of achievements that have contributed to undergraduate and graduate education programs in a way that influences, motivates, and encourages learning among students.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and manage assessment systems and provide feedback that fosters independent learning.
  • Experienced or demonstrated ability to develop curricula and resources that reflect a lifelong understanding of nutrition and to measure food intake, dietary and lifestyle diseases, and/or nutritional principles.
  • Multiliteracy knowledge and experience to teach effectively in the modern, technology-enhanced higher education environment.
  • Experience in effectively managing an academic program.
  • Proven ability to contribute to the development and maintenance of partnerships with professional associations and national educational institutions.
  • Equal Opportunity Principles and Practices and a Demonstrated Commitment to Occupational Health and Safety.
  • Active involvement on relevant committees or boards

desirable criteria

  • Membership of the Australian Dietetic Association and qualification as a Certified Dietitian (APD)
  • Membership of the Australian Nutrition Society and status as a Registered Dietitian.

Applications for this position have closed November 7, 2022

Successful applicants must comply with vaccination requirements imposed by the relevant state/territory government. Applicants participating in third-party sites to conduct University activities must also comply with any other instructions or requirements in place at the third-party location.

special requirements

  • Requires frequent/regular/infrequent travel (e.g. interstate or international travel required, or regular travel within Victoria not including inter-campus travel)
  • Driver’s license
  • Child care check (see application guidelines)

Submit your resume, short cover letter and answers to key selection criteria.

For confidential discussions regarding this position, please contact Principal Brad Aisbett at

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Deakin is a Victorian university with global influence. We are an agile, dynamic and innovative university committed to making a positive impact through excellence in teaching, research and innovation and our contribution to the wider community.

We understand that our reputation is built on the dedication and expertise of our staff, providing a dynamic and diverse work environment with opportunities for growth and career development. A progressive and thriving culture will ensure that people come and stay at Deakin and contribute to its continued success.

We value diversity and aim to create an inclusive environment where differences are championed, accepted and respected. We support and encourage submissions from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of all abilities, cultures, sexual orientations and genders.

We understand that academic workers are becoming more diverse. Outcome to Opportunity focuses on quality rather than quantity of research output. We strongly encourage you to comment on your achievements related to the opportunity in your application.