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Between Boards and Above: Stars Host Team-Building Activities on Sunday

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Stars on Sunday held their second team building activity of the season. New head coach Pete DeVore said he believes days like this help build true bonds.

Dallas has previously hosted activities such as high-rope obstacles, giant foosball, and neon dodgeball. Sunday was a skills competition at the American Aviation Center. Fun workouts break the monotony and create silly competitions that build memories and friendships.

“I’m a big believer in team building,” said DeBoer. “I don’t think it’s a coincidence that every branch of the military and every big company does that. We have new players here and we have young players taking in here. There’s definitely a place.”

The NHL has a skill competition at every All-Star game, but the Stars have never had their own competition.They have experienced countless activities in front of the AAC’s huge fan base and the team they captain Joe Pavelsky beat a team captained by Jamie Benn40-38 in points.

“It was kind of a nice Sunday,” said Pavelski. “Better after winning, that’s for sure.”

Dallas started the season 2-0-0 after a home-and-home win over the Nashville Predators. They will face the Jets at home in Winnipeg on Monday, but have decided to hold off on practice for fun. It was probably the right move.

Benn and Pavelski picked the team, which in itself produced great ‘drama’ and a great time.Pavelsky said he chose Jani Hakamper First with his most difficult shot skills, Hakamper won the competition with a 98 mph slapshot.Pavelski also elected Luke Glendenning For accurate shooting, the smart veteran was the fastest on the team.

“He was my sleeper pick,” Pavelski said. “He was reluctant. He was a little nervous, but I had a good feeling about him. He’s a gamer.”

Jake Ettinger beat Scott Wedgwood In a goalie stick-taping battle, Pavelski’s team largely Jason Robertson. Thai Delandreameanwhile, won a puck juggling competition to bring the game closer for Ben’s team.

All in all it was a great time.

DeBoer previously said he needed days like this as the team came together.Not only is there a new coaching staff in place, but there are many new faces mason marchment, Nils Lundqvist, Wyatt Johnston When Colin Millersomething like this would be helpful.

“The fact that we attended a team building event shows that perhaps I’m not the only thing that happens across the board.” There are many elements of

The fact that Pavelski and Benn were two captains also tells us about the inner workings of running a team. Entering his ninth season as captain, Ben has done a great job dressing his room as an intimate place.

“He’s really good at a lot of things,” DeBoer said. “All captains have a different attitude. Jamie sets an example but has a lot of respect for the room he earns over time. He includes young players. You can see his appreciation not just for the best players, but for the deepest players.The team.He treats everyone the same.”

Meanwhile, Pavelski and his family opened the door to their home for 19-year-old Johnston, who is jumping from junior hockey.

“Obviously it’s great for him and Sarah to do this. It means a lot,” Stars GM Jim Nill said. And that’s what helps him now. We’ve always prided ourselves on the good family atmosphere here, and this is just part of it.”

Pavelsky, 38 years old, and Ryan Suter, the 37-year-old was the elder of the team, and both kept their sons on the ice to help with skill competitions. It brought just one element of family to the proceedings.

“Team building is going well,” said Pavelsky. “Those little things, I hope it helps here and there.”

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Mike Heika Senior Staff Writer for and has covered Stars since 1994. Follow him on Twitter. @Mike Heyka.