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Bierema continues liquidation of family business

It’s déjà vu again.

Illinois football’s elite defense dominated another Big Ten West opponent as the Fighting Illini improved to 5-1 overall and 2-1 in the division.

The more things that don’t change, the more things change. Illinois head his coach, Brett Bierema, is working out his family’s business, one game at a time.

I had high hopes. Improved performance. Illinois wins games before they lose. This is almost what his coach has preached since he arrived in Champaign two years ago.

“We beat them for the first time since 2008, but it’s Beat Iowa and Wisconsin for the first time since 1989We’ve cleared a lot of good hurdles and are moving forward,” Bierema said.

I will be 40 in December. Last time was in kindergarten. Weft.

Despite losing QB Tommy Devito and three other starters, Illinois managed to pull off the win. There will be an update on the team’s overall health this week after this bruising incident with Iowa.

As one of the best scorers in the country in PPG 8.0, A force led by Ryan Walters decides the fate of the Big Ten Westand which teams will be dismantled in Indy by Ohio on December 3rd.

If that team happens to be Illinois, that’s fine with me. This defense makes it interesting for a healthy Illinois team.

NCAA Football: Iowa vs. Illinois

Brown shines again, breaking the program record for consecutive games of 100+ yards.
Ron Johnson – USA TODAY Sports

In what seemed like a weekly afterthought, Chase Brown carried the ball for 147 yards 31 times. Hmm. OC Barry Lunney must find a way to get Brown into his zone on a regular basis.

The program can’t waste an opportunity to get that kind of national exposure by focusing on the offense.

Currently 4-0 at home, Illinois is the only team not to allow a touchdown on home ground.

“Today’s defense is the only team in the country that hasn’t given up a touchdown at home. ,” Bierema said.

NCAA Football: Iowa vs. Illinois

Tarik Barnes (#8) had a great win.
Ron Johnson – USA TODAY Sports

Illinois ranks first in the division for halfway homes. 2022. in football.

Bierema has been talking since the beginning of the season about the “rematch” games/opportunities his team has this season.

Virginia… win. Wisconsin… win.

Iowa… win.

The last time the Hawkeyes were in town, they beat Illinois so solidly that AD Josh Whitman decided to fire Robbie Smith after the game.

Not this time. Not today or yesterday.

Bierema’s remarkably confident and honest demeanor in press conferences and on the sidelines during games is starting to make an impact on his team, especially in defense.

Bierema continue their unbeaten run at home. The athletic department puts a lot of effort into ticket sales, pissing off Illini fans across the state and region, and has put out that damn thing to recreate the atmosphere outside Memorial Stadium that the basketball team enjoys inside the State Farm Center. I am trying.

In our athletics department, I know Josh[Whitman]and his crew have done a lot to make this game the best environment since I’ve been here,” said Bierema. said.

NCAA Football: Iowa vs. Illinois

Bielema shakes hands with Kirk Ferentz from Iowa.
Ron Johnson – USA TODAY Sports

Atmosphere and noise were prominent in the broadcast. It came up in locker room conversations.

“Came to our walkthrough at 11:30 and the fans were already there and our kids were commenting on it. Hopefully it shows that we can do more.” said Bierema.

I’ll probably say this in every column, but the only downside is the Bloomington team, the only conference Indiana has ever won.

Outside of Ohio, the Big Ten are wild this season.

We can’t wait to see how close Illinois can come to being the best offense in the world in the Big Ten Championship Games in a few months.