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British Army enhances training through virtual reality

DE&S has awarded Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) a £7.2 million contract to deliver DVS2, a training environment capable of simulating multiple military environments and operations. Personnel can be trained anywhere in the world, across multiple terrains, using a variety of weapons and equipment.

Frontline Commands are set to receive state-of-the-art game-based simulations, providing immersive training opportunities that can be used to train individually, as a team, or alongside NATO allies. I can do it.

This feature will revolutionize military training and bring virtual reality innovation to the forefront of military exercises. DVS2 has already begun deployment on UK military installations both domestically and internationally to support existing work on BISim.

An image of a virtual reality training system.

With more than 60 countries using similar or compatible technology, including 14 NATO allies, British military personnel can train with their peers and other armed forces around the world in a secure training network. Using this technology, Scottish and Northern Irish Yeomanry successfully conducted exercises and fire drills with Australian light cavalry more than 9,000 miles away.

DVS2 hosts over 100 training scenarios including:

  • piloting a high-speed jet
  • Parachute drop onto the battlefield
  • Humanitarian operations from an aircraft carrier
  • Weapons, equipment, and vehicle operation
  • personal tactical support
  • first aid training

DVS2 has highly flexible network options for distributed training and integration with external simulators such as complex flight and gunnery simulators. This allows trainees to conduct battlegroup-level training and experimentation events and play as any type of character in any type of vehicle.

Nick Taylor, Director of Soldiers, Training and Special Projects at DE&S said:

As our military evolves, so does the nature of the equipment and technology we offer. becomes possible.

Users can dismount and mount training with infantry on the ground. It can also be done with vehicles and platforms that operate weapons, radios, targeting systems and optics. The virtual training feature is tailored using intuitive editor tools to place buildings, vehicles, infrastructure and objects to allow users to train and experiment in complex environments such as urban warfare and vehicle perception training. or provide virtual reality training capabilities.

An image of a virtual reality training system.

Lt. Col. Jess Giles, SO1 Training Capabilities Strategy, said:

The introduction of DVS2 is an important step forward towards transforming Army training. It offers a richer and more demanding virtual environment, enables the use of new technologies such as virtual reality, and provides an immersive training experience for soldiers in a variety of operations.

BISim not only offers training courses and support, but also professional services to meet new training needs. Led by military subject matter experts, this software is the result of nearly 20 years of iterative development and is the most easy-to-use and capable tactical training simulation available.