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Cancel culture must end – Hawkeye

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I’m starting to get sick of the “For You” page on TikTok.

Every video I watch seems to have someone on a hate train that serves no purpose. There are new names being dragged through the mud every day. Be it politicians, celebrities or influencers. Most of the time that hate is understandable, but it’s extreme. The cancel culture strives to do good, but more lives need to end before they are ruined forever.

The word “canceled”, which has grown in popularity since 2018, refers to celebrities and other popular people being stripped of their influence by disabling them through social media. This has been around for a long time and has been called many different things, but with the boom in technology making it dramatically easier to do, society has lost sight of its original purpose.their mistake

Recently,”Tri Guys A controversy has swept the internet. His Ned Fulmer, one of his four members of his popular YouTube group born out of Buzzfeed, said he had a “consensual work relationship” while married to his wife of 10 years. ‘ and caused an uproar of anger from nearly 8 million fans. I believe his horrific actions should have consequences, but the death threats directed at him and littering the Internet go too far. He did something bad and should face the necessary consequences, but there should be room for him to grow. In a cancel culture, a person is defined by one thing that can occupy a significant portion of their life, which can lead to depression and loss of self-esteem.

At this point, it’s not even the person who did something wrong that gets cancelled. Whether you’re a fan of them or you hate them, you have to admit that having a face is a stupid reason to cancel someone, but that’s what’s happening to the popular his Minecraft youtuber. is. dreams After his long-awaited face was revealed. It’s true that haters come into the realm of internet fame, but making videos that criticize someone’s appearance is cruel and pointless. We need to seriously change the culture of the Internet.

I’ve heard many people say that spewing out this kind of hate is a sign of free speech, but it’s quite the opposite. I believe that people who have done something wrong will be stripped of their influence and that their deserve punishment, but they should not be disenfranchised in society. There is a difference in attacking someone.

After all, cancellation culture does more harm than good. It is unfair to define someone by one fault he is. Especially when half of the people you indict are private and have done something just as bad, if not worse. If all role models in media are not allowed to be human, what standards of perfection are we setting for ourselves and future generations?