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Caprisov's, Suzuki's, Crosby's cooking and more

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From Toronto's Leafs-owning Coyotes to Crosby's banana bread, the best, worst, weirdest and funniest of the weeks they've been in the NHL. (Photo via USA TODAY Sports)
From the Coyotes owning the Leafs in Toronto to Crosby’s Banana Bread, the best, worst, weirdest and funniest from the week they were in the NHL. (Photo via USA TODAY Sports)

The first two weeks of NHL action are gone, and so far there are plenty of solid games to consume. It’s hard to keep an eye on everything that’s happening in the world of packs, so we’ve got you covered with this week’s edition of the best and worst.

best goal

In January 2010, Nick Suzuki was just 10 years old when Pavel Datsuk scored one of the most spectacular shootout goals in NHL history. Last Thursday night in Arizona, during the Canadiens’ game against his Coyotes, the Habs captain threw an ancestral goal in this hilariously cheeky goal that recalled the magic of Dachuk’s shootout after being awarded a penalty shot. I think Suzuki was feeling a little nostalgic because he pulled away the beauty, poor Conor Ingram.

best save

Spencer Knight still finds a foothold early in his NHL career, but if the former Boston College product continues to rob shooters in the blinds like it did here, what his ceiling might be. I don’t know if it will be Check out the epic stretch Knight has to do on this save to move from post to post and score a solid goal from Sabers winger Jeff Skinner.

star of the week

Despite his team stumbling out of the gate, Kirill Kaprizov looks like a potential Hart candidate who pegged him to start the season.7 points of Kaprizov From October 15th He’s been pacing the entire NHL alongside linemate Mats Zuccarello (before this weekend’s game). This includes the winner of overtime.

the best hanging

There are plenty of talented stick handlers in the NHL today, but Danton Heinen certainly isn’t the first name that comes to mind when you think about the man with the best mitts. Despite that nickname, Heinen’s exceptional pack chasing and quick thinking twisted the Lightning defenders before blowing home the first goal of the season. Heinen is one of the Pittsburgh Penguins who got off to a hot start as the Penns winger kicked off the campaign with four points in four games.

best pass play

The reigning Stanley Cup champion looks like a juggernaut again. This time, it was the telepathic connection between Mikko Rantanen and Valeri Nichushkin that left us in awe.

best hit

Ilya Lyubushkin is a man of many hats.First, make the goal song catchy and intoxicating I am Gummibär’s gummy bearand he hits you like a freight train, arguably one of the season’s most breathtaking blockbusters.


This past offseason, the Washington Capitals signed Darcy Kemper to a five-year, $26.25 million contract in hopes of stabilizing the goaltending picture. But this week, the 32-year-old netminder completely disrupted this dump-in. This is the worst (and possibly funniest) play of the week.

This week’s stats

If you’re not sure Cole Caufield is doing well under Martin St. Louis, check out this ridiculous stat from earlier this week. After this tweet was published, both snipers added another tally to their Thursday night totals, holding all squares with 26 goals heading into Saturday night’s game from Feb. 10.

fun facts of the week

I guess whether or not this fact is “fun” depends entirely on who you ask, but after the Arizona Coyotes’ stunning win over the Toronto Maple Leafs earlier this week. controversial phonethe Coyotes shared one of the most amazing facts in modern NHL history: The Coyotes own the Scotiabank Arena.

quote of the week

Following Monday’s shocking loss, a number of Quote from Maple Leafs Brass Make the rounds and make this feel like a team on the verge of collapsePerhaps the best quote from the Leafs’ devastating loss came from Morgan Lilly after the game.

“This is creative!”

This exchange speaks for itself in many ways. Eric Engels is responsible for the hard-hitting journalism that fans across the NHL need.Plus a special shout out Chris Weidmanseems to have coined what quickly became the league’s premier nickname.

best defensive play

Dylan Larkin has to be one of the most underrated players in the league right now. Literally since emerging onto the scene as a rookie, Larkin has been quietly a productive member of his Detroit team, one that has somehow been permanently rebuilt since his arrival. But despite the team around him, Larkin has maintained a consistent presence as one of the league’s most effective two-way players, with Red as his pivot in the Wings’ top line. He is scoring at a high pace while playing the role of But this play here has to be one of his best he’s ever made, saving an empty netter and single-handedly saving a point for the Wings. Following his spectacular defensive stick, Oskar Sundqvist tied the game with just his 40.9 ticks. Talk about clutching up.

Wholesome Moment of the Week

On the ice, Matthew Takachuk is likely the successor to Brad Marchand and holds the title of “League’s Top Rat.” But on the ice, the newest Florida Panther has been busy making fans of his life, and a few youngsters who got to sit on the cat’s bench before the game with him.

cool stuff you missed

The Arizona Coyotes are starting the season with a tough six-game trip, but that doesn’t mean school isn’t open at the club’s new home, Mallett Arena. did a great job babysitting Coyote’s new home barn. This includes this very cool moment from his home opener for the Sun Devils. Josh Doan, a Coyote draft pick and son of franchise legend Shane Doan, scored the first goal in the building’s history. Perhaps after he finished his time in college and moved to Coyote, Mallett his arena would become known as “The House That Josh Built.”

Anything you can do I can do better

These big saves by Jordan Binnington and Martin Jones didn’t end up being named Saves of the Week, but they certainly deserve special credit. Then Martin Jones responded with a flashy two-pad stack of his own. He lost 4-3 to St. Louis after the Kraken pulled back from his 3-1 down, sending the game into overtime and finally scoring him one.

Funniest moment of the week

Speaking of the Blues vs. Kraken game, this moment before the puck drop between former St. Louis linemates Jaden Schwartz and Vlad Tarasenko got a nice chuckle out of hockey Twitter. But the Kraken veteran had a little suggestion for a friend. It worked, too, and Tarasenko recorded three assists during the match.

scrap of the week

Arber Xhekaj clearly felt it was time to put his brand new alias to good use on Thursday night. The Hubbs rookie didn’t back down from grizzled veteran Zach Cassian’s challenge and took it to Coyote power forward in a heavyweight bout. At always-fun, this was his Xhekaj landslide win.It seems Wifi Strong against Montreal.

If you are a goalie…

Frédéric Andersen, where are you going? In most weeks, I can’t help but call this the biggest failure of the week, but Andersen has achieved sales figures that would make even the finest French bakery proud. Anyway, I will make a valiant effort.

multisport athlete

Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Mookie Betts and his bowling prowess have accomplished a lot over the years, but they’re not resting on one of the NHL’s brightest stars in Kirill Kaprizov. Season ticket holders at his event last week, the Minnesota Wild superstar was cutting hardwoods.

crosby is in the kitchen

Sidney Crosby isn’t just cooking up the scoresheet to kick off the season, but the Penguin star also seems to know how to use his baking equipment. This is the captain’s document.

trend up

The New Jersey Devils, who have won three in a row after a tough start to the season that had fans wanting the coach’s head, are clicking on all cylinders at the moment. , the expected goal percentage was 69.8. The production also went through the Devils’ brightest stars, most notably Jesper Bratt, who took his game to another level to start the season, scoring eight points and all assists in five games. Achieved. Now if only they could get salvation…

downward trend

Going into this year, it wasn’t clear if the San Jose Sharks were bad enough to be in Conor Bedard’s mix. Connor’s Disgrace” appears to be back on Bay Area menus. Despite starter James Reimer’s half-decent goaltending to start the season, the team has had all sorts of problems getting the puck into the net, with just 1.71 per game as of Saturday. and ranks last in goals per game. That mark is almost a perfect goal more than No. 31 Nashville.Here are the San Jose Sharks. They never scored.

put in reverse

The NHL unveiled the Reverse Retro 2.0 jersey this week. There are too many to review each jersey, but some new threads are definitely worth acknowledging. The Florida Panthers seem to be an early favorite among fans with the cleanest jerseys. baby blue south florida look That only they can really pull it off.

At the other end of the spectrum, chicago blackhawks When detroit red wings Apparently together they’ve created an almost identical looking, equally bland reverse retro that’s clearly lacking what kids like to call ‘drip’.You can check out This great thread from Kyle Cushman outlining what each jersey is based on.

Check out the highlights that deserve the spotlight.tag @JNeginShecter Post on Twitter using the hashtag #BestAndWorst for a chance to be featured on next week’s NHL Best and Worst.

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