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Celebrate African Food and Culture at Festivals in Titusville, Florida

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“A Taste of the Diaspora: Food. Flavor. Soul” celebrates African influences on food and culture.

CULTURAL ACTIVITIES CENTER Open Circle LLC hosts family-friendly events on Saturdays from 10am to 4pm at the Gibson Center, 835 Sycamore St., Building H, Titusville.

Guests can enjoy sampling food, workshops, film screenings, presentations, entertainment and more. At the Spice Market, vendors showcase products from around the world, including healing foods, incense, and household items.

Highlights include a presentation on travel by Michelle Talley of Barefoot Treasures Getaways and a presentation on ‘African Heritage Diets’ by Oldaways. Outdoor African dance and drum classes are also available.

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The Taste of the Diaspora festival on October 15th in Titusville features African dance and drum classes.

The event pays tribute to historian Dr. Runoko Rashidi. His legacy includes a life’s work in tracking Africa’s presence and achievements around the world.

Rashidi, who passed away in 2021, was one of the world’s leading scholars of the presence of Africans in ancient societies. He traveled the world, occasionally attending study sessions, visiting museums and world heritage sites, and speaking about his research.