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'Change our culture' initiative takes lawn mowing in Topeka

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TOPEKA (KSNT) – Topeka’s new initiative, called ‘Changing our Culture’, aims to improve the quality of Topeka’s buildings and sites, making building and site violations the exception rather than the rule. Owners are motivated to take control of the property before city departments are called.

“We got involved because the City of Topeka was getting complaints about overgrown lawns on substandard land and the question was what would we do about it. We decided to take it all on a year and a half ago, and we set a five-year goal to only have 500 substandard properties in the town at one time,” said District 1 City Council. Rep. Karen Hiller said.

“The city asked us if we would be happy to support this initiative and it fits perfectly with why we are in the business of creating outdoor spaces. is community engagement,” said Brent Boles, partner at Schendel Lawn and Landscape.

The City of Topeka, Greater Topeka Partnership, Shawnee County Parks, and Wreck and Omni Circle announced on Saturday that Schendell Lawn & Landscape will sponsor a celebration at Everzy Plaza to honor the community’s efforts to beautify Topeka’s neighborhoods. did.

The event featured food trucks, music by DJ 151 Entertainment, and several family-friendly activities. Schendel Lawn & Landscape held a raffle for attendees to win prizes such as two new lawn mowers and a new string his trimmer. These items were donated by Schendel Lawn & Landscape, Smitty’s Lawn & Garden, and DH Lawn & Garden Equipment.

“Schendell Lawn and Landscape is proud to sponsor this year’s inaugural ‘Changing the Culture of Property Maintenance’ celebration,” said Cassidy Roberson, Director of Customer Experience at Schendell. “We believe a beautiful city starts with a beautiful lawn. By partnering with the City of Topeka and the Greater Topeka Partnership to provide the tools needed to improve residential lawns and landscapes, We are happy to be able to empower more families.”

Karen Hiller, Member of Topeka City Council District 1, said: Schendel Lawn & Landscape is delighted to be present at this year’s end of season celebration. They are an incredible local business that makes our downtown landscaping the envy of communities across Kansas. ”

District 2 City Councilor Christina Valdivia-Alcala said: When your neighbors struggled to keep up with their needs, they could turn to you for help.This program goes back to that legacy. We are very proud of what local partners like Omni Circle Group are doing to provide assistance to low- and middle-income people. It takes a community to work together to be truly beautiful, and Topeka knows how to work together. “

For more information on the “Changing our Culture” initiative, click here.