New Delhi, India: Student-focused online learning company Chegg and SEEDS (Sustainable Ecological & Environmental Development Society) have distributed over 15,500 nutrition kits to school children in Delhi and Visakhapatnam.
Superfoods are known for their incredible nutrient-dense health benefits, so over 90 schools were selected, with the majority of children from low-income families. Sixty-six schools were selected from Visakhapatnam, which attracts rural students. In Delhi, approximately 28 schools under Delhi Municipal Corporation (MCD) have been selected for distribution to promote the overall well-being of children.
“Marginalized groups, especially children, are suffering the most as a result of growing global crises such as climate change, COVID-19 and food insecurity. Providing superfoods to school children from disadvantaged families. I believe it will boost your immune system and help you learn effectively in the classroom,” said Dr. Manu Gupta, co-founder of SEEDS.
By providing these healthy food kits, children were able to develop healthy eating habits. A nutritious diet contributes to physical health and provides a healthy mind for learning. In addition to improving health conditions after the COVID-19 pandemic, the distribution of nutrient-rich food in schools was also intended to help children by giving them the food they need to grow.
“It was important to us to work with these children for Chegg’s Global Day of Impact. and Visakhapatnam, we are pleased to provide healthy and nutritious meals to more than 15,500 students.Nutritious meals provide growing children with the nutrients they need for mental and physical health. We look forward to a long-term cooperation with SEEDS to help vulnerable communities.”
The distribution of nutrition kits at MCD Shakarpur School in Delhi was attended by several dignitaries, government representatives and school administrators.
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