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Color Star seeks to combine virtual reality and reality to help the economy and growing markets

New York, October 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Color Star Technology Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: CSCW) (“Color Star” or the “Company”) is a globally networked entertainment technology company focused on the application of technology and artificial intelligence. is. The entertainment industry recently announced a new strategic partnership with renowned Thai real estate firm Grand Siri Corporation Co., Ltd (“Grand Siri”). Grand Siri will join the company’s ColorWorld Metaverse (“Color World”) platform, Grand Siri will set up the Metaverse headquarters and promote its brand with the help of the platform. In the future, Grand Siri will list real estate projects on the metaverse to meet housing demand around the world.

Following the rapid rise in metaverse popularity and volume, the metaverse has been segmented by industry. However, real estate is not as popular as other industries. The fundamental reason for this is that the Metaverse real estate has just emerged, and many concepts and content have not yet been fully understood and completed, and are left behind. Color Star believes that technology will ultimately serve the real economy and that the combination of virtual reality and reality will only bring stability and profits to businesses in general. To this end, Color Star sets up virtual headquarters for companies and businesses, leads the homogenization of real-world businesses and the Metaverse, and promotes these businesses to users around the world. In terms of conversion rate, Colorstar collaborates in developing digital products such as NFTs based on real-world projects and business products. These digital products will be sold on a virtual marketplace. It’s a metaverse concept, but a technical experience with a physical guarantee for the user. Undoubtedly, it is beneficial for both users and businesses.

Through this cooperation, both sides will bring mutual benefits and help each other’s business development. Color Star uses VR technology to build a virtual headquarters on the Metaverse platform to showcase the properties for sale in vivid detail. Users will be able to browse and buy properties online from half the world, unhindered by the pandemic. The companies will focus on topics such as online real estate sales, user conversion and conversion, and corporate brand enhancement.

Farhan QadirCEO of Color Star said: Products and Services. Ultimately, technologies cannot survive in isolation and must be integrated into the real world and mutually driven to grow the global economy and its markets. ”

About Color Star Technology Co., Ltd.

Color Star Technology Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: CSCW) is an entertainment and education company that provides online entertainment performance and online music education services. Its business operations are conducted through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Color Metaverse Pte. The company’s online education is delivered through Color World’s music and entertainment education platform. For more information about our company, please visit

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