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Confusion reigns in key areas of nutrition

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started at the start of healthy eating weekIn a survey from June 13 to 17, 24% of elementary school children aged 7 to 11 and 17% of children aged 11 to 16 thought chicken counted as one of their five meals a day. , one-fifth of elementary school students consider cheese to be one of their five days.

Less than two-fifths of all British adults and less than a quarter of older children know that carrots contain fiber. However, only three-fifths of school children and just over one-third of elementary school children believe that whole grain bread is a source of fiber. Nearly a quarter of all schoolchildren consider chicken to be a source of fiber, even though it provides no fiber at all.

Nearly 8 in 10 adults, just over 9 in 10 middle school students, and 7 in 10 elementary school students correctly say chicken provides protein. However, less than half of all adults, less than half of older children and less than 3 in 10 of her younger children consider chickpeas to be a source of protein. That said, despite the fact that canned chickpeas are a rich source of protein, the average adult portion provides about one-fifth of the recommended daily intake for the average adult. (45g for women, 56g for men).

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The survey also suggests that many people currently do not eat or have never tried various plant-based foods such as beans and lentils that provide essential nutrients such as protein and fiber. One-third of adults and more than half of schoolchildren have never tried lentils, one-third of adults and less than half of schoolchildren have never tried chickpeas, and more than one-quarter and more of adults Nearly half of the children reported never trying kidney beans.