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Consumers are increasingly turning to packaged bakery treats for guilt-free, eco-friendly escapism.

Despite a growing trend of prioritizing taste over health, FMCG Gurus survey found that 68% of Brits are attracted to taste (along with price) when choosing prepackaged bakery treats I understand.

“but,”FMCG Gurus Marketing Executive Kate Kehoe added: “Our research shows that consumers are becoming more quality conscious and health conscious. na

“Ultimately, consumers do not want to feel guilty in the context of luxury consumption, which conflicts with broader health goals. We emphasize that we must also recognize the importance of the nutritional value of prepackaged bakery products.”na

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According to Kehoe, outlining the active ingredients in a product has proven to be an effective way to promote bakery treats and present them as guilt-free, convenient and nutritious. .

“One way to do so is to display ingredients such as fiber and protein.she said.

“Our market research experts have collected data that reflects this demand for healthier bakery products. They buy them because they are seen as an option, but 52% of consumers buy these products because they are high in

“Thus, if a brand promotes the nutritious ingredients in its products, it can cater to the majority of consumers who want to increase their intake of functional ingredients.”na