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culture and language should be celebrated

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In order to integrate the country’s culture, Taiwanese should be aware of the languages ​​and cultures of Taiwan’s various ethnic groups, learn about local customs, and understand the country’s history.

Taiwanese need to build a shared historical memory in order for Taiwan to become a confident and humanistic nation with citizens who identify with the motherland.

Only then will Taiwan become a normal country, and the “Taiwan Culture Day” on October 17th will be truly meaningful.

However, two different methods of cultural identification currently prevail in Taiwan.

I was chatting with a friend the other day. According to him, Taiwan has no culture. I was shocked by his comment. Why are our understandings so different?

I believe this is because through his education, he was strongly influenced and brainwashed by the remnants of the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Party State.

The cram school is in the black, but has no interest in Taiwanese society. He gave his students what he had accepted during his school days.

There are many people like him in Taiwanese society, especially in the education system, and many others are concerned about the next generation of Taiwanese and those who may be affected by such short-sighted attitudes. increase.

Fortunately, I have another group of friends who care about society and country. They spend their money and put a lot of effort into hosting events and activities to learn more about Taiwan and the world. Joining their club is like a treasure hunt. I always learn from them and follow what they do with great interest.

Taiwan’s culture can be traced back from modern times to ancient civilizations. Today, Taiwan is known for its prowess in science and technology. The world depends on chips made in Taiwan. The country’s achievements are internationally acclaimed.

In recent years, the Ministry of Culture has devoted itself to governing and nation-building through culture. Every effort is made to preserve and reproduce Taiwanese culture and promote it to the international community.

Every year, Taiwan-based non-governmental organizations host all kinds of cultural forums focused on academic discussion.

Evening parties and music fairs are also held to entertain Taiwanese and showcase the arts of Taiwanese ethnic groups such as indigenous dance, Hakka music, and Taiwanese folklore. Participants can discover the diversity of Taiwanese culture and be artistically inspired on how to think about being a Taiwanese with dignity.

Based on real events during the White Terror era in Taiwan in the 1950s, the upcoming film “The 15th Liu Magou” is the nation’s first documentary film about female political prisoners. This is a milestone for Taiwan’s creative industry.

Southern Taiwan Association president, doctor, activist, and poet Zeng Guihai (Cheng Guihai) recently published two collections of poetry.

His deep insight was fully demonstrated in three publication commemorative lectures held in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung.

On the other hand, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was preceded by linguistic and cultural penetration. In Taiwan, too, the phrase “same script, same race” is popular.

We need to think of ourselves as Taiwanese view others. Only by strengthening our cultural autonomy and trust can Taiwan truly be at peace.

Ng Siu-lin is Vice President of the Northern Taiwan Association.

Translated by Liu Yihong

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