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Dater's Daily: Blidh, Megna was sent back to the Eagles by an avalanche. Goal Galore in the NHL

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Hello and have a nice thursday. For the last week or so, it was all about planes, trains, and cars for me, with an impromptu stay in the East for family stuff. But here are some important news in the car rental world that I learned on my travels that can save you money. But first, start your day by creating NHL/Avalanche notes, quotes, thoughts, links, flotsam and jetsams. And thank you to the dozens of new subscribers from last week’s sale.

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  • After tonight’s Avalanche OT loss, the team sent Anton Breed and Jason Meghna back to the Colorado Eagles. Seattle on Friday he bets that Mikhail Maltsev will be one of his players to be recalled against the Kraken. I think Maltz will be a good player moving forward at the NHL level.
  • Don’t be surprised if Charles Hudon was also a recalled player.
  • I’m trying to think of an NHL player called “Charles,” but I’m not thinking of anything at this point.
  • I was so impressed with the Avalanche crowd at the Ball Arena tonight. On his October Wednesday night with Winnipeg, this place sold out. And you were great. A lively building focused on the game. Amazing.
  • We’ve all talked about the loss of Nazem Kadri and the impact it has/still might have on Avalanche. I would like to point out He scored 61 points with the team last year. So far, these points have not been satisfactorily replaced.
  • Barkey has his first match against the Avalanche on Friday night.
  • The Avalanche Reverse Retro Jersey should be available today. I believe it will be a 1970s-80s Colorado Rocky design, but I’m not sure.
  • If you’re a bettor, overs have been a good bet so far on the NHL schedule early in the season. The target is approaching at breakneck speed. For example, he had at least seven goals in all three of his league games tonight.
  • Darcy Kuemper models the new Washington Capitals reverse retro at practice Wednesday (Washington Hockey Now)
  • Key Red Wings players join NHL Player Assistance program (Detroit Hockey Now)
  • Cale Makar has this to say about last night’s Avalanche OT loss. They got hot first, so let them take over the game. We came out second and finally started the game and it showed. We’ve learned that they happen, but we need to minimize them, know when they happen, and do a better job. ”
  • Not many NHL players use the word “nuance” in their sentences.
  • So, car rental recommendations: Check out Turo. It’s like Airbnb for car rentals. Over the last week/weekend, we went back east and saved hundreds of dollars on a multi-day rental. Mainstream car rental companies are making ridiculous prices. There are some hoops to jump through in Turo, but it’s not too bad.
  • Sharks Are Terrible (San Jose Hockey Now)
  • Salary cap could rise by $4 million next year (
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