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Dhyana Yoga acquires another popular platform,, the one-stop resource for enthusiasts and beginners alike, has been acquired by Dhyana Yoga and has brought a massive bank of knowledge and information to the readers of both disciplines.

When people’s lives become unusually fast-paced and hectic, they look for ways to de-stress and relax! Yoga, a movement that brings the physical, mental and spiritual disciplines together, is known to help people enhance various aspects of their daily lives. The good news is that anyone can start practicing yoga at any stage of their life, regardless of their current physical fitness.

Diana Yoga
Diana Yoga

Dhyana Yoga has been the guiding light for those who want to start practicing or take their skills to the next level. The site was launched by Angela Frederick, a yoga instructor for over seven years. She is passionate about yoga after experiencing its physical and mental benefits first-hand. Over the years, she has shared her thoughts to encourage others to indulge in the joys of yoga.

Quite simply, the resource has something for everyone interested in yoga. They can learn about different types of yoga and choose the best option based on their specific interests and goals. Dhyana Yoga also has an extensive catalog of blogs on wide-ranging topics that can answer readers’ questions. These articles cover everything from understanding what the Yoga Sutras are to realizing the importance of yoga mat thickness.

Dhyana Yoga has also made its mark with the readers by providing them with information in different categories to make things easier. Readers can easily peruse a variety of information and ideas, and find exactly what they’re looking for without any hassle. For example, there is an entire section on yoga tips that offers advanced benefits for beginners and enthusiasts and motivates them on their journeys.

The site also shed light on different types of yoga and how they can offer various benefits to people. From improving balance and flexibility to yoga for pregnant women, restoring postures and reducing pain, developing strength, improving sleep, and guiding people on spiritual paths, one can experience many benefits by exercising regularly. The site also discusses different products that can make things easier for them.

And now with the acquisition of, Dhyana Yoga has brought this tremendous resource to a wider audience. Now readers can rest assured that they will also be able to access the latest news, stories, updates, and insights from the trusted, comprehensive resource that has constantly raised the level of information on all things yoga.

About Diana Yoga

Created by Angela Frederick, a yoga instructor with years of experience in the field, the website has become the go-to destination for yoga beginners and enthusiasts who take advantage of the ideas and advice they get on the comprehensive platform.


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