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District 4 Doubles Tournament Draw News, Sports and Jobs Announced Saturday Morning

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The draw for the District 4 women’s tennis doubles tournament has been announced and will take place Saturday in Williamsport. The first three rounds start at 9:00 am.

The semi-finals and finals of the tournament are scheduled to start at 1:00 PM on Monday at the Central PA Tennis Center.

Montoursville’s Kara Mann and Alaina Marchioni are the top seeds in this division, and will face Neumann’s Adelyn Dawes and Emma Gallou. Hughesville’s Breana Bobak and Destiny Flowers will take on Bloomsburg’s Anela Lyman and Lauren Baker. Muncie’s Taylor Shannon and Bekah Rosario will take on Lewisburg’s Grace Brookhart and Elsa Ferron.

Loyalsock’s Anna Hall and Nora Bowes will take on Selinsgrove’s Eden Miller and Alaina Lisenfeld in the first round. Montgomery’s Samantha Guyer and Summer Drick play South Williamsport’s Livie Harvey and Olivia Jackson. Jersey Shore’s Celia Shemory and Ella Gerst will face North Her Pen Her Liberty’s Marissa Gries and Martina Bradford. Milton’s Brooklyn Wade and Madeline Nicolas will take on Central Columbia’s Riley Noth and Brady McNamara.

In the lower half of the bracket, Montoursville’s Katelyn Good and Erin Deljanovan play Loyalsock’s Izzy Dadzie and Chloe Kennedy. Muncie’s Alyssa Klepinevic and Shebel Baumann will take on Mifflinburg’s Reina Killick and Morgan Traver.

Montgomery’s Sloane Wooten and Farrin Reynolds will play South’s Eve Jackson and Sadie Stahl. Lewisburg’s Serena Deco Cosmo and Caitlin Beers will face Bloomsburg’s Maia Coyne and Erin Lee in the first round. Cowanesque Valley’s Logan Hamilton and Laynie Labarron will face Jersey Shore’s Breanna Porter and Addison Koch. play against

North Penn-Liberty’s Addison Hall and Angeline Benitez will take on Selinsgrove’s Evelyn Hostetter and Alexa Joiner. Hughesville’s Kylie Kilgore and Annaka Bruder will face Central Columbia’s Claudia Brindisi and Abigail Tuidy.

District 4 Tournament

first round

Kara Mann/Alaina Marchioni in Montoursville vs. Adelyn Dawes/Emma Gallou in St. John Neumann. Danville’s Ella Dewald/Amelia Benjamin vs. Towanda’s Rainie Alderfer/Katie Karaman. Anela Lyman/Lauren Baker in Bloomsburg vs Breana Boback/Destini Flowers in Hughesville. Muncie’s Taylor Shannon/Becca Rosario vs. Lewis Berg’s Grace Brookhart/Elsa Ferron. Anna Hall/Nora Bowes of Loyalsock vs. Eden Miller/Alaina Liesenfeld of Selinsgrove. Samantha Guyer/Summer Drick of Montgomery vs. Libby Harvey/Olivia Jackson of South Williamsport. Jersey Shore’s Celia Shemory/Ella Gerst vs. NP-Liberty’s Marissa Gries/Martina Bradford. Milton’s Brooklyn Wade/Madeline Nicholas vs. Central Columbia’s Riley Noth/Brady McNamara.

Danville’s Sara Bhanushari/Mehak Kotor vs. Towanda’s Jocelyn Stroud/Alice Bass. Caitlin Goode/Erin Deljanovin of Montoursville vs. Izzy Dazzy/Chloe Kennedy of Loyalsoc. Mifflinburg’s Reina Killick/Morgan Traver vs. Muncie’s Alyssa Klepinevich/Shevel Baumann. Montgomery’s Sloane Wooten/Farrin Reynolds vs. South Williamsport’s Eve Jackson/Sadie Stahl. Bloomsburg’s Maia Coyne/Erin Lee vs. Lewisburg’s Celina De Cosmo/Kaitlyn Beers. Cobanesque Valley’s Logan Hamilton/Laney LaBaron vs. Breanna Porter/Addison Koch of the Jersey Shore. Evelyn Hostetter/Alexa Joiner of Selinsgrove vs. Addison Hall/Angeline Benitez of NP-Liberty.Claudia Brindisi/Abigail Tuidy of Central Columbia vs. Kylie Kilgore/Anaka Bruder of Hughesville

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