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EMS armband to stimulate your biceps during your VR workout

EMS armband to stimulate your biceps during your VR workout

Image: Valkyrie Industries

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VR fitness isn’t intense enough for you? Then these EMS armbands can help. Simulate weight and tension in virtual reality using electronic pulses.

Valkyrie Industries launches a haptic fitness armband designed to simulate muscle resistance in VR games. The use of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is expected to make full-body aerobic exercise more efficient for VR fitness enthusiasts.

EMS training in virtual reality

EMS training uses controlled electrical pulses to make your muscles contract more during your workout. This is said to make fitness exercises more intense, the additional stimulation encourages muscle growth, and the overall workout feels more rewarding.

Video: Valkyrie Industries

Valkyrie Industries is currently bringing this form of exercise to VR fitness. The EIR armband is said to provide feedback to your upper arm as you move in virtual reality. Pulses vary in intensity depending on the activity being performed.

For example, when a gamer lifts a virtual dumbbell, the armband simulates muscle strain. The harder you hit the virtual punching bag or the harder you pull on the rope, the stronger the urge.


EMS Armband comes with fitness VR app

Valkyrie Industries releases EIR Training, a fitness VR app designed for armbands. Includes a variety of full-body HIIT courses put together by professional trainers.

EIR training includes the following courses and game modes:

  • Cable HIIT: A virtual cable machine and elastic band for pushing and pulling with a force of up to 4 kg simulated by an armband.
  • Dumbbell HIIT: Dumbbell exercises of varying speeds and intensities.
  • Box fit: Virtual shadow boxing exercises with uppercuts, jabs and hooks.

A free play mode is also available, allowing users to train at their own pace. His EIR training for Meta Quest (2) is available via App Lab.

The EIR armband is now available for pre-order at €150. Valkyrie Industries is offering a 25% discount for an unspecified period. The armband he will be delivered in the summer of 2023. Not sure if it’s compatible with other fitness apps like FitXR.

Source: Valkyrie Industry