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England, Barcelona star Lucy Bronze calls for 'more education'

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England and Barcelona defender Lucy Bronze has deleted a tweet after Iker Casillas posted on Twitter that he was gay and later said his account was hacked on Sunday. “A lot of education is needed,” he said.

Speaking at a press conference ahead of England’s game against the Czech Republic on Tuesday, Bronze said the reaction on social media showed the need for more education.

‘Hacked account’, former Spain international and Real Madrid goalkeeper Casillas said“Fortunately all is well. I apologize to all my followers and, of course, even more to the LGBT community.”

Meanwhile, former Barcelona defender Carles Puyol replied to Casillas’ now-deleted tweet, saying, “It’s time to talk about us.” apologize on twitter He said he “made a mistake” and it was a “silly joke”.

“Obviously, at first no one knew it was a joke,” Bronze said.

“But the reaction on social media, from the beginning when we didn’t know what it was, to thinking it was a joke, to thinking it was hacked, is that whatever it is, there’s still a lot going on. I think it shows that there is a need.In terms of education, I was more open about these kinds of subjects, because that kind of reaction was not normal.”

“This shows that we still need a lot of education and a lot of conversations to make the world and social media a better place. , you’ll be more comfortable having open conversations.”

LGBTQ+ sports groups have called Casillas’ tweets “disappointing” and “disappointing”.

Pride in Football criticized the tweet, calling it “wrong judgment, bad timing and disappointment.”

“That tweet is 6 words, 32 characters and could do a lot of damage,” says Pride in Football said in a Twitter statement.

“In 2022, or until then, you shouldn’t be watching ‘jokes’ at the expense of others. The homophobic reaction behind that tweet is not OK.

“November’s World Cup will be held in a country that persecutes people for their gender identity and sexual orientation. Famous sports stars have joked about just that to the detriment of people in their communities.” I’m here.”

The Sport Media LGBT+ group condemned the incident and called on allies to speak up.

“Today’s [Sunday] The Twitter episodes involving Iker Casillas and Carles Puyol are very disheartening for LGBTQ+ people and their supporters,” said Sport Media LGBT+. said on Twitter.

“The frivolity and weak backtracking of the tweets fall into the hands of homophobes.

“In recent months, we have seen how big names have become great allies in using the power of social media platforms to send messages of support. As the men’s #FIFA World Cup approaches, football is the voice of inclusion. We urge them to speak up again.”

Adelaide United forward Josh Cavallo, who came out last October, also criticized Casillas and Puyol for clearly joking about their coming out.

“It’s disappointing to joke about coming out in football.” cavallo tweeted.

“It’s a tough road that any LGBTQ+ person has to go through. It’s not disrespectful to see my role models and gaming legends teasing my coming out, or my community being disrespectful.

Information from the Associated Press contributed to this report.