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Ensuring the Success of Personalized Nutrition

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Category expert Mariette Abrahams explained this in a presentation at NutraIngredients’ Sports & Active Nutrition Summit in Amsterdam (October 5-7).

Qina, founder and CEO of Qina, a personalized nutrition (PN) innovation platform, noted that the market is worth $8 billion globally and is growing at a rate of 8-12% annually. Also, the PN supplement segment is a rapidly growing field, with he growing 35.8% in 2021 alone.

She said the space has not only increased public awareness of physical and mental health due to the pandemic, but has also opened up to increased adoption of digital tools that enable consumers to practice self-testing and collect data. He said that he has received a strong boost from the company.

Advances in test kits on the market today are also making this area more attractive. Continuous glucose monitors are starting to become mainstream and are becoming more advanced to measure many metabolites.

Abrahams notes a recent innovation called “sweat patches” that can measure vitamins, minerals and branched-chain amino acids in sweat, making it easier to track health markers.

She also explained Thorne’s “microbiome wipes” which make collecting fecal samples much easier.

But Abrahams argued that there are far more effective routes to this market than simply launching new products.

“We have enough solutions. We don’t need more sophisticated tools. We need collaboration and businesses working together to better serve consumers.” she said.

Done right, Abrahams said, companies can identify hidden eating patterns and food behaviors, understand attitudes and build networks to deliver holistic health benefits to consumers. I’m here.