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Euromonitor Discusses Trends to Watch in Baby Food

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Euromonitor, in a health and nutrition survey of 9,011 respondents in 2020 and 7,958 participants in 2022, claimed that parents care most about baby food. found the top label to be “all natural” and “preservative free.” “No restricted or added sugar”

Includes claims that grew the most in terms of desirability between 2020 and 2022 “Contains additional vitamins”When “Contains additional fiber” According to Euromonitor. na

“Given the challenging and competitive environment, meeting parental demands for clean labeling, functionality and convenience is critical to our success.” Maria Mascaraque, Global Industry Manager at Euromonitor, said: blog post.

And despite many products containing health certifications matching enhanced nutrition claims such as “added fiber” or “added vitamins and minerals,” most companies do not make specific label claims. Mascaraque wrote that he missed the opportunity to call

“There is a huge gap between the wishes of parents and the presence of these claims on products, especially with respect to the use of ‘natural’, given the limited or nonexistent regulation of this claim. ”I wrote a maskarak.

Related to natural movement, Mascaraque also emphasized that ‘organic’ presents a huge opportunity for the baby food category.

“When we analyze the claims landscape of online retailers, na[organic] It remains the most available trait in baby foods in most regions and is particularly widespread in Western Europe and North America. ”she wrote