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Experienced Innovator Appointed to Lead UW–Madison's New Office of Technology Entrepreneurs

Bonnie Buckman is a Professor of Economics with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, and the founding director of the newly formed Office of Technology Entrepreneurship (TEO) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

A partnership between the School of Computer, Data & Information Sciences (CDIS). The College of Letters & Science, and College of Engineering offices will accelerate the commercialization of UW-Madison’s science and technology advances by increasing the speed and frequency with which UW research is translated into usable technology . TEO supports her STEM-based innovation by UW Madison faculty, staff, or students.

Bonnie Buckman

In addition to his faculty role, Bachman directed the National Science Foundation I-Corps Site Program at the Missouri Institute of Science and Technology. This is an effort to strengthen the university’s existing innovation and entrepreneurship programs and expand participation in technology transfer programs. Bachman’s leadership experience also includes corporate entrepreneurship, having led research and development departments for Fortune 100 and 500 companies.

“Bonnie is a leader in the use of translational research, and her experience in leading programs for faculty, students, and staff provide an excellent foundation for her to begin building and growing the TEO at UW Madison. And it’s engineering.

Bachmann holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Benedictine College, a master’s degree in mechanical and materials science, and a Ph.D. in materials science and engineering from Rutgers University.

“I am excited to bring my experience and knowledge to the University of Wisconsin-Madison to strengthen the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem,” she says. “UW-Madison’s volume and breadth of research undertakings enhance its reputation as a world-class institution.”

This office was created to help advance science and technology from the laboratory to real-world applications so they can have the greatest impact. The gap between basic research and broader implementation is often too long, delaying opportunities to gather intellectual property and talent to launch new businesses and products.

The office is a perfect fit for Madison, home to entrepreneurial alumni and researchers as well as cutting-edge research. By helping reduce the gap between discovery and delivery, the office directly contributes to Wisconsin’s economic growth and competitiveness.

TEOs are well positioned to drive impact by providing support throughout the technology transfer lifecycle, from innovation discovery to company launch and growth, and through targeted industry engagement. This new office will also leverage existing entrepreneurship programs on and off campus.

Bachman leads the implementation of Entrepreneurship/Executive in Residence programs to efficiently form new businesses and explore new solutions to common problems. A key measure of success is the increasing number of companies successfully commercializing UW-Madison’s research.

UW–Madison was recently ranked 38th in an analysis by Heartland Forward, which rated the universities most proficient in technology transfer. Successful tech entrepreneur and founding director of CDIS, Tom Erickson, a champion in accelerating technology transfer, spearheads the partnership effort in launching his TEO office at UW.

“The talent and research on our campus is really impressive and second to none, but we have the important foundation to be at the forefront of advancing translational research,” he says. “Technology is highly scalable, and big companies are born out of a single technology. We need to develop the concept of relocation.”

The University of Literature and Science is also an important supporter of the establishment of the secretariat. His Eric Wilcots, Dean of L&S, said: “Lifecycle support from TEO will be transformative in its impact on society.”

Backman’s first day was October 3rd.