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Facebook's metaverse is an empty, sad, unpopular flop

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A lonely man stands in an empty warehouse with a horizon flag hanging behind him.

image: Meta/Kotaku/Oleg Krugliak (shutter stock)

Meta’s Facebook is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms with billions of users (was it?). But that failed virtual reality metaverse project horizon world, mostly not going well. In fact, a new report shows that almost everyone isn’t spending their time. horizon world Indeed, most user-created worlds remain completely unvisited. second life When VR chat According to the folks at Meta, there are more concurrent users.

According to a new report from wall street journalinternal documents, and Meta employees paint a picture that no one is really playing with horizon worldis a free-to-play virtual reality metaverse that allows users to create and visit “worlds” with friends and strangers.idea roblox, but colder and heartless. The company originally wanted to increase the number of monthly active users accessing these various virtual worlds to 500,000. That number has now been revised to around 200,000.

According to internal stats, most players don’t stick around after the first month. horizon world Meta has seen a steady decline in active users since spring. WSJMore They report that only about 9% of all user-created worlds in games have been visited by 50 or more players. Most of the rest are visited by no one but the original creator. The end result is a lot of empty, barren digital lands. Questy’s–A world created by Meta as part of a massive Super Bowl marketing push—- is a fiasco and few users access it.

“An empty world is a sad world” WSJMore.

and, quest 2 headset sold very well, many customers do not come back to play anything. Over half of all Quest headsets reportedly fell out of use with players after just six months.

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As to why people aren’t flocking to the expensive metaverse created by Facebook, a study conducted by Meta researchers found that the majority of users are unable to find a world they love and rarely find other people to interact with. I understand that you are dissatisfied with not being able toOther Complaints Contained In-game people don’t look “real” enoughSome even had problems with the lack of horizon world Avatar feet.i think it explains All the fanfare around my feet It was added to the game earlier this month, but even with the announcement it was a lie.

of WSJMore Note that Meta researchers only spoke to 514 people because so few people are playing, calling the current active player base “small and precious.” It’s no surprise to hear that, according to people familiar with the matter. horizon worldthe number of concurrent users of the app is VR chat and in 2003 second life.

The rest of the report isn’t all that great, and is further evidence that the future of the VR metaverse that so many companies and technologists are trying to pitch will likely not win people’s approval. Hell, people who work in meta i don’t want to use horizon worldAnd Meta seems to understand how All this shit is unpopular As the pivot begins, the average consumer and That new VR headset For big companies that can be tricked into wearing them to their employees VR headset for 8 hours a day at workBut at least people always walmart metaverse Hang out in between breaks, right?