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FLAVORWATCH™ prevents TAB growth in sports drinks

Resorcix Botanical Solution Eliminates Thermoacidophilic Bacteria in Gat Foods Pilot Study

GIVA’AT HAIM, Israel, October 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — FLAVORWATCH™, a new botanical formula that eliminates thermophilic acidophilic bacteria (TAB) is found in clear fruit-based soft drinks and has demonstrated efficacy in sports drinks in recent pilot studies. A breakthrough solution to the alarming incidence of TAB spoilage introduced by Resorcix, a start-up, and Gat Foods, Ltd., a leading fruit-based beverage solutions manufacturer in Israel, combines fruit and non-fruit. It was shown to work in multiple categories of resting energy drinks, including: Gat Foods will be exhibiting his FLAVORWATCH™ at SIAL, Paris, Drink Hall 5C, Booth #H093 from 15-19 October 2022.

TAB is a group of non-pathogenic microorganisms belonging to Alicyclobacillus family. They are known to produce strong off-flavours and odors in still RTD beverages and to avoid pasteurisation. It does not compete with the production of compounds. guaiacolGrowth of TAB occurs shortly after the bottling process and adversely affects beverage quality and organoleptic properties. This can lead to customer complaints and costly recalls.

Visually, TAB spoilage can be identified by a white precipitate, or hazy appearance, at the bottom of the bottle. Beverages indulged with TAB produce a flat, sour taste with a “medicinal”, “smoky” or “preservative” off-flavour, making the drink inedible.

Since the discovery of TAB following an outbreak of spoilage in commercial pasteurized apple juice brands in the 1980s, TAB spoilage has typically been associated with clear fruit-based beverages. This has led to the realization that the fruit’s ingredients are responsible for it. Alicyclobacillus pollution. However, subsequent studies on several beverage categories confirmed that TAB can readily grow in beverages that do not contain any fruit.

“Sugar, water, stabilizers, emulsifiers, and other ingredients have been found to be potential sources of TAB,” explains Dr. Lior Sinai, microbiologist and CTO of Resorcix. “Good news: FLAVORWATCH botanical solutions work equally well with non-fruit based beverages and are effective in all types of sports drinks.”

In a recent pilot study, the team collected several brands of non-carbonated sports and energy drinks from retail shelves. Each product was inoculated with four different spores. Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris Strain to concentrations reaching 1,500 CFU/liter. Next, he split the beverage into two batches. One batch served as a positive control batch and the second batch was processed with FLAVORWATCH. Both batches were pasteurized at 95°C for 30 seconds and hot filled into bottles. The FLAVORWATCH group demonstrated effective resistance to TAB spoilage throughout the 180-day trial. The control bottle showed signs of TAB proliferation after just 7 days.

FLAVORWATCH is considered a natural flavor by EFSA and FDA and is based on plant resins. Alicyclobacillus Germinates spores and protects acidic beverages from TAB growth. This protection lasts for the shelf life of the product.

“Sports drinks and still energy drinks are experiencing rapid growth around the world, based on their reputation as refreshing, trendy beverages that help support a healthy, active lifestyle.” Hilla Bentman, marketing manager at Gat Foods. “From high-carbohydrate, high-mineral and concentrated isotonic beverages to exotic flavored nootropics and plant-infused beverages, this category of functional beverages is subject to constant innovation to enhance the quality of sensory stimulation and wellness. However, TAB corruption is significant and FLAVORWATCH will help dramatically mitigate these risks and provide peace of mind for beverage manufacturers.”

About Resol Six

Resorcix, Ltd. is a foodtech start-up dedicated to providing solutions to the growing bacterial challenge in the food industry. Resorcix was founded in 2017 by his Ph.D. Yehoshua Maor He has a PhD in cannabinoid medicinal chemistry and extensive experience in natural product research. Maor is a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School, Hebrew University Agricultural and Environmental Health Center of Excellence. Working with microbiologist Dr. Lior Sinai, a former Israeli Society of Microbiology laureate, the team screened several plant extracts that were shown to exert biological activity against spore-forming bacteria, particularly TAB. After several years of extensive research and development, Resorcix partnered with GAT Foods in 2020 to expand this advanced solution to TAB spoilage. did.

About Gut Foods

Gat Foods (INTERNATIONAL BEER BREWERIES LTD) is a global supplier of integrated technology-based fruit solutions, providing advanced bases, compounds and ingredients to the beverage industry worldwide. Founded in 1942, Gat Foods operates in 70 countries providing tailored solutions and quality products. Gat Foods (IBBL) is owned by Central Bottling Company (CBC Group), an international group based in Singapore. Israel, representing major brands and companies. The group specializes in beverage products such as soft drinks, still drinks, water, dairy, wine, spirits and beer.

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