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Foligno regains form, finds rhythm with Bruins

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Boston — It was a year of frustration and never getting started at all. More casualties, slower response times, and lower productivity.last season it wasn’t Nick Foligno I wish I had one when I showed up for the Boston Bruins.

He put it behind him, he hopes.

Foligno signed a two-year, $7.6 million contract with the Bruins on July 29, 2021. He was brought to Boston because of his combination of strengths, from leadership to netfront presence to toughness. He didn’t offer that much in his 2021-22. Compared to his salary, that’s enough to show he was put on waivers on Sunday even though he wasn’t billed.

Two games into the season so far, Foligno looks closer to being the player he and the Bruins want.

“Honestly, I have confidence in myself as a player,” Foligno said. “I’ve told you guys, I understand the business side of it and it’s disappointing – it never feels good – but I trust what I can do when I’m healthy and it’s All I tried to focus on.I can’t worry about what happens on my own.I’m worried about trying to help this team. .

Foligno scored two points (one goal, one assist) against the Arizona Coyotes at TD Garden on Saturday, making it his third multi-point game against the Bruins. He scored 13 goals (2 goals and 11 assists) in 64 games last season.

“He scored where he should have scored, right in front of the net,” said Boston coach Jim Montgomery. “He’s had a lot of success throughout his career. I’m happy with him. I’m happy with that fourth line.”

Video: ARI@BOS: Foligno plays 1 in to lead by 2

Foligno’s first points and assists Pavel ZachaHis first goal for the Bruins in 4:03 of the first period was the 500th of his NHL career. He added points 501 at 14:03 in the second to give Boston a 3–1 lead on the redirect.

Director Foligno said, “We got off to a good start with two wins.

Last season there were very few. He suffered three separate injuries, starting with an oblique injury in game two on October 20, an MCL injury on January 8, and a concussion on January 24. He couldn’t take a break or find his rhythm.

And it dulled one of Foligno’s best attributes: his ability to lead.

“I’ve always been that kind of guy, trying to say something,” Foligno said. “We are lucky, we have a world class leader [captain Patrice Bergeron], so there is not much to say. However, the energy he gets from it is important, helping him to keep his voice and being able to speak, so he doesn’t have to speak all the time.

“It’s part of the leadership role I’ve held for a long time in my career.”

Foligno captained the Columbus Blue Jackets for six seasons (2015-21). He is used to making an impact vocally. But he admitted that it’s a bit difficult when adding just words instead of play.

“Oh, of course,” said Foligno. “But I think it’s also repression, because being a leader is something you can always do. It doesn’t matter what’s going on. I don’t know if it’s easy, but maybe your voice carries a little more weight. “.”

They want to thank him for both production and leadership.

“I think he wants to be that leader,” Montgomery said. “You want to give everyone a little bit of ownership within the team. It is confirmed that the

“I’m really glad it’s not just Bergeron (David Craig) When (David Pastanak), (Brandon) Carlo is in the backend, Charlie (McAvoy) and 63 (Brad Marchand) returned for leadership. “

4th line with Thomas Nosek and rookie Jakub Lauko It may not be the place Foligno likes. But if he can contribute like he did on Saturday, if he can keep him healthy, if he can fix the game and revive his career, then that part doesn’t matter.

“I feel fine,” he said. “I feel healthy. I’m excited. I love what our line is all about. It’s the most fun thing. Every time the line crosses the board, the identity we have , is exactly what I preached at training camp.It was fun to attend.”