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Green Bay Packers and StatusPro Bring NFL Pro Era VR Game to Fans

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The Green Bay Packers hosted an event inside a London pub for fans to play a new NFL Pro-era virtual reality video game before their game against the New York Giants at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on October 9. The Packers hosted the event with his StatusPro. released NFL Pro Era last month as the first VR game to be licensed by the NFL and NFLPA.

Fans at Belushi’s Sports Bar in London were able to put on VR headsets for a first-person 3D perspective playing a quarterback in a simulated NFL game. Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is on the cover of the NFL Pro Era. He retails for $29.99 and is available for Meta Quest and PlayStation VR headsets.

StatusPro was founded by former NFL wide receiver Andrew Hawkins and former Division I quarterback Troy Jones. The Packers invested in his StatusPro through TitletownTech, a venture capital fund the team founded with Microsoft in 2017. Holdings.

“We offer a wide range of gameplay modes for players of all levels, including two-minute drills that help engage fans and expose the game of football through a new lens,” Hawkins said in a statement. “Working with the Packers to showcase how innovation and technology can drive fan growth and engagement and expand the global reach of the NFL is a great follow-up to our recent product launch.”

NFL pro-era gameplay is based on motion data from the NFL’s player tracking system, Next Gen Stats, with Zebra’s RFID tags attached to each player’s shoulder pads. In addition to being the NFL’s first VR game, NFL Pro Era is the first major game title developed by an athlete. About half of StatusPro’s employees (24 of his 48 full-time employees and contractors) are former athletes, helping the company build realistic games for its fans.

Speaking at the NFL pro launch event in New York in August, Hawkins told SportTechie: “No one can tell you better than me what it feels like to be on the NFL field unless they have experienced it. I like my position as

Working with the Packers to showcase how innovation and technology can drive fan growth and engagement and expand the NFL’s global reach is a great follow-up to our recent product launch.

Meta will start selling its new Quest Pro headset next week for $1,500, and Sony’s Playstation VR 2 is due early next year. TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, will begin selling the new Pico 4 headset outside the US this week for around $425. According to The Information, the VR hardware market could welcome a major new contender next year when Apple launches a mixed reality device that includes iris scanning of the eyes to make it easier for people wearing headsets to pay. prize.

Hawkins said of future VR hardware: “Accessible. It should not feel like a choir to grab [a headset]I think the pandemic has provided that opportunity, but three or four years ago it seemed a little far away. ”