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HarvestPlus empowers rural women to improve nutrition at home — FEATURES — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria & World News

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In an attempt to stem the tide of hunger and malnutrition in rural Nigeria, especially among women, HarvestPlus, with funding and support from the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), has launched a vitamin A Expanded production and consumption of cassava and vitamins. Maize to improve household nutrition and income in Niger and Kaduna State.

HarvestPlus is affiliated with this program through the Women’s Agriculture Extension Program (WIA) of the Agricultural Development Program (ADP) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

WIA is a vehicle for the transfer of agricultural and nutritional proven innovations and technologies in production, processing, marketing, consumption and nutrition to families. The knowledge and skills acquired in the training are applied to communities and households, and information on agriculture and nutrition is disseminated.

The focus of the initiative by HarvestPlus is on women as they play an important role in the agricultural and economic development of any country through their contribution in terms of harvesting, processing, storage and marketing of agricultural products and their impact. is guessing. Distribution of household income.

In a training held in Niger, across three agricultural zone councils, selected WIA women were trained in biofortified foods for home and commercial use.

A field day was held in Dagodagbe village, a model community for the AGRA/HarvestPlus project of the Paikoro Regional Council. A community that produces and consumes corn and cassava. A model village for expanding bio-enhancement, Field Day strengthens the use of his VAM for household nutrition and income generation, to ensure that all components of the value chain are in place. used.

Halima Abubakar, deputy director of WIA at the Niger State Agricultural Mechanization Development Authority (NAMDA) and coordinator of WIA women’s work in the state, said training is essential at a time when many households are struggling. rice field. Table and women’s food.

Hajiya Asamau Abubakar Mohammed, Nutrition Officer (SNO), Ministry of Health, Niger State, was delighted to participate in the training and emphasized that tackling malnutrition is a joint effort of many sectors. , WIA building the capabilities of her medical team.

Olatundun Kalejaiye, Nutrition and Post-Harvest Officer at HarvestPlus, is also pleased to have facilitated training to strengthen her competence on how to provide nutritional and bioenhancing massages to vulnerable women.

Kalejaiye emphasized the purpose of training. The purpose of this training is to empower WIA and equip other women with the knowledge to vitamin A to train on how to process and sell her corn and cassava food and utilize recipes to increase their income. That was it. Household level to improve the nutritional quality of family meals.

HarvestPlus Nigeria Country Manager, Dr. Yusuf Dollah, at the event educated WIA women’s groups and other community members about the link between not eating nutritious foods and hidden hunger. Dr. Yousuf gifted corn planters to local farmers to ensure adherence to good agricultural practices.