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Hills Pet Nutrition Continues to Support Veterinarians with Global Educational Event, Launch of New Educational Platform and $50,000 to Veterinary Hope Foundation

Topeka Kang, October 10, 2022 /PR Newswire/ — hills pet nutritionis a global leader in science-driven nutrition and recently launched the annual Hill’s Global Symposium We also launched a robust and centralized continuing education platform, Veterinary Hope Foundation.

Hills Hosts Global Veterinary Education Event on Dermatology
This year’s Hill’s Global Symposium It focuses on important topics in dermatology and how veterinary professionals address conditions found in their feline and canine patients.

“At Hills, supporting the veterinary profession is a top priority. With the Hills Global Symposium, we will support the veterinary community and build practical knowledge related to some of the most challenging issues facing veterinary professionals. You can.” Chief Veterinary Officer, Hill’s Pet Nutrition. “We thank each of our speakers for lending their voices and sharing their expertise in addressing some of the most pressing topics related to dermatological conditions found in cats and dogs. .

Educational content from virtual events is now available for free on-demand viewing at the newly launched . Hills Veterinary AcademyOffers up to 6.5 hours of CE and features content from 13 renowned veterinary professionals, including Dr. Ashley Bourgeois (a board-certified veterinary dermatologist, “The Derm Vet”) and Dr. Joya Griffin (Starring a board-certified veterinary dermatologist Nat Geo’s “Pop Goes the Vet”).

Hills Announces New Industry-Leading Education Platform
Concurrent with the symposium, Hill’s announced a new educational platform. Hills Veterinary Academy, This provides virtual continuing education opportunities for veterinary teams.

First released in the United States, Canada And expanding globally this month, Hill’s Veterinary Academy now houses all animals hills Professional educational content in one easy-to-navigate platform. Features include:

  • Hill’s on-demand webinar library covering a wide range of topics
  • Access to nutrition courses for deeper learning
  • Hill’s Global Symposium Contents
  • Landing page for viewing and registering for Hill’s upcoming live events and webinars

“The veterinary industry is constantly evolving, and for veterinary professionals to do their best, it is important to stay up to date with the latest data, trends and treatments. Karen Shenoy of Hill’s Pet Nutrition US. “Hill’s new veterinary academy platform gives animal health professionals access to important resources, including free RACE-approved CE, to best support their clients, counsel and care for their pets.” Hill is proud to support veterinary professionals everywhere who are naturally continuous learners.”

The newly launched resources for continuing education can be accessed at as part of a suite of tools available through Hill’s digital ecosystem to support veterinary professionals.

Further support for Occupation Hill.offer $50,000 To the Veterinary Hope Foundation
in parallel with hill At the Global Symposium event, Hill’s also Veterinary Hope Foundation (VHF) helps enable and inspire positive change in the veterinary industry.

VHF is focused on supporting the health of veterinary professionals and addressing their needs well in advance of moments of crisis. This is a more advanced intervention by providing prevention and education. We also provide small support groups led by licensed mental health professionals to help foster connections between veterinarians and their teams and to educate veterinary clients on the challenges veterinarians face. increase.

“We are grateful to Hill Pet Nutrition for their generous support. This donation is the largest donation received from a pet nutrition company and demonstrates Hill’s strong commitment to veterinarians. It helps provide a support group for doctors and veterinary staff,” said Dr. Blair McConnell, President of the Veterinary Hope Foundation. “The Veterinary Hope Foundation was founded on the belief that there is hope even in the darkest of circumstances. Our mission is to build communities and protect mental health by providing education and support. That’s it.”

For more information on Hill’s and its support for the veterinary community, please visit:

About Hill’s Pet Nutrition
Founded over 80 years ago, Hill’s Pet Nutrition is on a mission to enrich and extend the special relationship between humans and pets through our unwavering commitment to science-driven pet nutrition. Hill’s conducts pioneering research on dogs and cats based on a scientific understanding of their specific needs. As the leading brand of veterinarian-recommended pet food, more than 220 veterinarians, PhD nutritionists and food scientists work to develop breakthrough innovations in pet health. Hill’s Prescription Diet Therapeutic Nutrition and Everyday Foods, Hill’s Science Diet, Hill’s Healthy Advantage and Hill’s Bioactive Recipes are sold in veterinary clinics and specialty pet retailers worldwide. For more information on our products and nutritional philosophy, please visit or For more information on Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love program, visit

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