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Hits and misses in a fresh set of NHL reverse retro jerseys

It’s like Christmas for jersey geeks. On Thursday, Adidas dropped brand-new Reverse Retro his jerseys for all 32 of his NHL teams.

For those of you who don’t know, the NHL’s Reverse Retro program last appeared during the shortened 2021 season. Each team destroys a jersey from their history (or local hockey history if you prefer) and remixes the jersey.

Swap the colors, mix several different eras, or add a hint of the past to come up with something fresh.

As you can imagine, over 30 new sweaters were rolled out, some hitting the mark and others with the wrong zip code.

Hit: San Jose Sharks

Shark could be the big winner for the 2022-23 Reverse Retro Jersey.

San Jose’s new sweater is based on what was worn by the former California Golden Shields who played in the Bay Area from 1967-1976.

They didn’t put too much thought into this jersey, which is why it’s great. Simple and effective.

I’m not sure how well these jerseys look with a helmet, gloves, pants, and socks, but it would be hard to spoil this one.

It will also be interesting to see if the sharks pay homage to Shields’ infamous white skates.

Miss: Philadelphia Flyers

It kills me to say this, the Flyers missed it with these.

It’s hard to go back in time because we’re already wearing sweaters that are nearly identical to when the Flyers debuted in 1967. It’s funny to make black orange, but I can’t do that.

The Flyers’ previous Reverse Retro jersey was reminiscent of the club’s 80’s and 90’s shirts. This time, he had to offer his third jersey with the chrome logo from the midterms.

The Flyers missed the chance to remix these rare third jerseys modeled by former Flyer Peter Forsberg. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

If Flyers had black buckets, I think that might have changed that for me.

Still, these were some of the worst jerseys of the bunch.

Hits: Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings

I put together these two original r clubs because it looks like there was a bit of homework copy.

Cue a Spider-Man meme pointing at yourself.

The plan is for the league to host a reverse retro matchup where each team will wear a new jersey. Let’s say the Red Wings and the Blackhawks don’t appear together.

Despite their similarities, these are both amazing. Both pay tribute to the jerseys that were on the ice over 80 years ago.

Both striping and wordmarks work wonders.

Wearing old-school brown pants and gloves will get you to the Louvre.

Miss: Carolina Hurricanes

Jersey is the Hurricanes numbers game. Six of him are scheduled for this year: Home, Away, Third, Whalers, Stadium Series, and Reverse Retro. At least one has to disappoint, and Reverse Retro is that disappointment.

As far back as 2019…

To be fair to Cane, they don’t have a lot of options.

they are so so They took the “reverse” part down, but not the “retro” part.

If anything, I think I’m speaking for everyone when I say I wanted a fresh whaler dud the color of a hurricane.

No dice. Maybe next time.

Hits: Colorado Avalanche and New Jersey Devils

Another pair that seemed to pry into each other’s ideas, but this time it makes sense. They pay tribute to the same franchise.

The Kansas City Scouts joined the league in 1974, moved to Colorado, and became the Rocky Mountains in 1976. By the early ’80s, the franchise had moved on again, this time to The Devil.

That’s why Avs pays homage to local hockey history, and Devils honors the franchise’s history with a new Rocky-inspired thread.

Both totally nailed these. My only criticism is that he of the two teams one should have worn the dark jersey.

Miss: Anaheim Ducks

The Reverse Retro program is really made for ducks to bring back the old eggplant and jade colors. I did it last time, but this time… no.

Duck decided to take the original jersey and change the colors to the current orange, gold, and black.

It’s kind of boring. To be honest, it would have been more fun if the modern jerseys were changed to the old colors.

At least the team has adopted the Wild Wing logo. This is iconic, because the decision to bench it is one of the worst marketing decisions he’s made in NHL history.

You have to see the silver lining.

I could be here all day trying to analyze every jersey, but here’s the full collection of reverse retro jerseys this season.

Looking forward to seeing (most) of these things on ice.

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