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Honoring a Legend — Six Star Pro Nutrition® Leverage

OAKVILLE, ON and NEW YORK, NY, Oct. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Boston’s famous green and white colors are now in Los Angeles and New York City, steps away from two of the world’s premier sports arenas Imagine that.

It’s possible and a fitting tribute to one of the greatest players the game of basketball has ever known.

Six Star Pro Nutrition®, “Athlete’s Choice” on sports nutrition for all levels, including the professional, college and high school levels, pays tribute to professional basketball’s decision to retire No. 6 league-wide. Cities like Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

The billboard will display 6OAT – Celebrate The Legacy on a white background with a green background. The colors honor the college (San Francisco) and professional city (Boston) where Bill Russell played basketball.

“While there is a clear brand coincidence in professional basketball permanently retiring the No. 6, there is more to our desire to honor such a legacy.” Six Star® brand. “We’re talking about him, one of the greatest winners of all time in any sport, and the first African-American head coach in a major U.S. professional his sport.”

six star® has previously used it outside the home to refine its voice in the sports space, including hiring a female head coach in men’s professional basketball in 2021 and claiming the names, images, and likeness rights of student-athletes. I was.

With the opening of the new basketball season, SIX STAR® will also launch a new anthem video and branded campaign produced in collaboration with Portland, Oregon-based creative agency Öpinionated. Spots that include the branded tagline “Tastes Like Victory” are displayed digitally, socially, and through OTT (over-the-top).

At the heart of the “Tastes Like Victory” campaign are athletes, especially young athletes who aspire to great potential. In many sports, Six Star Pro Nutrition® It has a unique role for athletes. It acts as a catalyst that translates mental motivation into physical performance. This idea comes to life in his 30-second anthem, “Tastes Like Victory,” which also serves as the brand’s aptly named new tagline. Directed by Jackson Tisi, the film was shot entirely underwater in a Los Angeles studio. Other short films feature athletes in soccer, football, volleyball, baseball, and basketball.

“This campaign was a series of Happy Creative Firsts. It was the first collaboration between the Iovate and Öpinionated camps. This is the first time I’ve tried something crazy like a shoot and I love the results,” said Cameron Thorne, Opinionted Associate Creative Director.

You can view the first of these spots here.

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Iovate Health Sciences International Inc. (“Iovate”) is a dynamic, leading-edge active sports nutrition company, offering the highest quality, most innovative and effective active nutrition products in the world. With innovations from brands such as Six Star Pro Nutrition®, Iovate is committed to becoming the number one active nutrition company in the world.Six Star Pro Nutrition® Designed to be the athlete’s choice, it promotes all levels of athletic performance enabling excellence on the field, court, ice and gym.

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  • SIX STAR® 6OAT Billboard Campaign

  • SIX STAR® Tastes Like Victory CM spot