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Hrithik Roshan and OZiva Launch HRX AGame High Performance Sports Nutrition Brand

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MUMBAI: HRX: India’s First Domestic Fitness Brand, Co-Owned by Hrithik Roshan and Exceed Entertainment, Announces Partnership with OZiva’s Parent Company Zywie Ventures Pvt Ltd. to Launch All-New Sports & Performance Nutrition Brand HRX AGAME increase.

The brand now offers clean, science-backed nutritional supplements including protein, pre- and post-workout supplements, vitamins, and more. intend to do something. This product portfolio addresses everyday athletes who want to take their fitness journey to the next level with impactful, science-backed sports nutrition containing active ingredients that deliver high levels of efficacy and performance.


• HRX AGame Bioactive Hi-Perform Whey: 30% better muscle recovery and 59% faster protein absorption

• HRX AGame Beginner’s Whey Protein: Provides 2x endurance and 2x stamina.

• HRX AGame Mega Strength Cold Water Omega 3 Fish Oil

• HRX AGame Power-Vit Daily Multivitamin

• HRX AGameCrea + Creatine Monohydrate

Pallavi Barman, Head of Business at HRX, said of the partnership: Nutrition Solutions. With this partnership, we are attempting to adhere to fitness requirements holistically.At Zywie, we understand market trends and develop science-backed solutions to meet the nutritional requirements of our employees. With Zywie Ventures, which has established itself as a frontrunner in this space and is highly regarded among consumers for providing high quality, safe and clean consumables solutions. We expect a synergistic effect. ”

Mihir Gadani, Director of Zywie Ventures, said at the launch: With HRX AGame, we empower fitness goals of all kinds and truly believe in what humans can achieve.

Performance nutrition backed by science to help athletes build greater endurance and achieve better results. Science is at the heart of our products – for example: Bioactive Hi-Perform Protein delivers 30% better muscle recovery and 59% faster protein absorption based on clinically and scientifically studied active ingredients provide. Products are formulated using highly researched ingredients and products to keep the focus on Indian athletes and their bodies. Our aim is to take the Indian sports and fitness community to the next level. is to push up to The association helps her unite the best of two worlds: her science-backed Zywie nutrition and her highly active, fitness-oriented HRX audience. ”

“We are excited to share how our holistic wellness brand, OZiva, has reached over 5 million consumers and helped them achieve better health. We aim to do that,” he added.

The brand’s main purpose is to enable athletes to achieve extraordinary fitness through its products.

About HRX AGame

HRX AGame is an exciting, powerful and dynamic new brand committed to achieving the goals of all athletes through innovative nutrition. For any goal, big or small, HRX AGame offers clean, scientifically backed, premium quality, high performance sports nutrition and functional foods to help athletes reach new levels of fitness. increase. HRX AGame is a joint initiative by Hrithik Roshan and Exceed Entertainment, bringing together two industry-renowned brands: HRX, which powers the transformational journey of athletes every day, and Zywie Ventures Pvt Ltd., which owns India’s leading OZiva. It is the result of a power partnership between names. A certified, clean, plant-based nutrition and wellness brand with over 5 million loyal customers.

About HRX:

Founded in 2013 by Hrithik Roshan and Exceed Entertainment, HRX is a platform that believes in the philosophy of bringing like-minded people together to become the best versions of themselves, empowering 1 billion people to “be their own heroes.” It gives you the power to become. HRX aims to revolutionize the fitness scenario in India, with its line of sportswear and fitness accessories offering a quality, value-for-money alternative to international brands.

Its name stands for X Factor and means pushing yourself towards a path of excellence to achieve the best possible results. Aiming to revolutionize the fitness scenario in India, it is a cost-effective, high-quality alternative to international brands.