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'I hated myself': Rozz regrets spending over $500 on 'nutritious' 5-day diet program , Lifestyle News

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Rosalyn Lee, better known as Rozz, a local personality who spent over $500 on a five-day diet program, didn’t expect to complain about her experience on social media.

The former radio host shared in a series of Instagram Stories posted on Thursday (October 19) that he was looking for a quick fix after developing a toxic relationship with food after returning home from abroad. .

The 43-year-old said she binges “four to five local meals a day” and then becomes lousy about herself.

So when she stumbled upon Reculture and its food program, it seemed like the perfect solution.

Roz says she “yielded” and signed up for a program that promised a “nutritious” diet that shook her metabolism into “high gear.”

Based on the menu Rozz reviewed, it looks like she jumped on the 5-Day Reset Program priced at $518 before tax.

The program includes 10 meals delivered to your doorstep, 2 days worth of homeopathic drops, and a guidebook on how and when to take the drops.

The guidebook also includes a list of foods that are “allowed for breakfast and snacks.”

Rozz knew early on that something wasn’t right.

“At the time, I was properly furious and felt like I wasn’t getting any further from the rant, so I waited until my emotions subsided,” she shared.

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Do you eat with your eyes first?

Unfortunately for Rozz, Reculture’s Tom Yam Chicken Soup didn’t appeal. And it tasted as good as it looked, she added.

Rozz then shared clips of other Reculture meals and asked her followers if they had anything nutritious.

“This is definitely not Tom Yum. This was Tom.

Rozz said she loves light seasonings and clean meals, but has no patience for food that “lacks its natural flavors and textures.”

By the first few meals, she was over it, writing, “I hated myself.”

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