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Is 2022 the year of virtual reality?

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The pandemic has fueled the adoption of virtual reality, and we are now spending more time in virtual spaces to work, create, socialize, explore and have fun outside the home.

Some prefer VRchat, Rec Room and AltspaceVR to Zoom and Meet, while others have chosen to move from their living room. There are only metaverse stories that come from the past for a taste of the future that gives us a taste of the future.

For example, in just one year the Spatial app It started as a virtual place to work with colleagues remotely.

Promising signs for the end of 2022

As the world continues to evolve and the response to the changes that have taken place over the past two years has come from immersive technology, especially in business-related areas, the entertainment sector for video games is attracting new consumers. It is the area that is most likely to attract. 2021 was the year a new gamer started his VR. The past Christmas season saw an increase in the use of his visor for standalones such as the Quest 2, at least according to Steam hardware research. In the absence of official data from hardware and software makers, Steam’s monthly surveys offer interesting, if limited, insights due to the very way the surveys are conducted.

What VR games can we expect by the end of 2022?

On the software side, 2022 doesn’t want to be stingy with games to try between ports, sequels, and new titles. Arguably the most buzzed-about name is San Andreas VR, which promises to bring the full Grand Theft Auto experience to viewers. But even after the Definitive Edition results came out, we remained enthusiastic and cautious. Among the most anticipated titles of the year currently listed, Cities: VR is his VR version of Cities: Skylines. Moss: Book II is the sequel to his popular PSVR puzzle game. After console time exclusivity came his Hitman 3 for PC VR.

In addition to video games, esports and online casinos are also enjoying great success in the gaming world. In particular, virtual reality allows gambling enthusiasts to experience the game in a parallel reality and fully immerse themselves in the game.

A good example is platforms such as Vegas Slots Online.This is where online slots prove to be much more convenient than physical slots. Switching games only takes seconds and you don’t have to worry about someone monopolizing a particular slot. Of course, you also have the option to play online slots for free. This has the advantage of making it easy to keep track of which slots are your favourites.

Finally, not just slots, live casinos generally include several games that are broadcast live from the studio of the manufacturer that developed the particular game, allowing players to interact with other participants and the performance of the game. You can have more interaction with the dealer or dealers responsible for

Will it be 2022?

The breakthrough that makes virtual reality mainstream probably won’t happen until 2022. Compared to our initial optimistic predictions, VR is slowing down. Instead, the momentum given to the industry by big tech companies investing in hardware and software will continue to grow in the coming years. Additionally, a broader install base could make it more attractive for large development studios to work on his larger-budget VR titles. But it’s not just about finding the next “killer app” to get VR out of its niche.

Accessibility to new experiences is also closely related to cost and functionality. That means finding the right balance between usability, performance, and affordability. There are still many aspects that could be improved, not only in terms of graphic quality and detail, but especially in terms of usability and design, starting with gestures, motion controls, interfaces and possible interactions in virtual space. Once you’ve tried virtual reality, it’s hard to think of going back.

The Metaverse will dominate the discussion on virtual reality in the coming months. If you want to learn more about this topic, check out this Wired article.

Also, Quest 2 will continue to be active in the future. Still, Meta isn’t sitting still and is already working on Project Cambria. It presides over a high-end visor, promising better graphical fidelity and new features at a higher price than the Quest 2. The AR/VR hardware scene has become more and more discussed, and a product launch from the Cupertino-based company has been anticipated for years.

At the moment, PC VR seems to be in a stalemate, with Valve’s next move to be expected, but the market is being fueled by other companies that continue to produce premium visors.

With a focus primarily on creating video games and immersive entertainment experiences, PlayStation has renewed its commitment to VR. Also, gamers are most likely to prefer riding in the post-apocalyptic world of Horizon to the digital world of the Metaverse.