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Kushner's book offers a sweeter version of history while ignoring Trump's confusion

The common practice of ending stories with a happy ending was not invented by former US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

But the way his autobiography recounts his turbulent four years in the White House requires a happy, glorious ending so Kushner can make a case for originality.

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Jared Kushner

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Many books have been written by people who were there and survived to sign lucrative book contracts, but few take such pains to withhold as much first-hand information as Kushner. plug.

The former president’s close relatives didn’t wait long, and a memoir about when he was a close aide to Trump was recently published.

The book is easy to read, full of tension and magical moments, and a quintessentially American story.

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brake history brake history

Cover of Kushner’s new memoir ‘Breaking History’

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But does it provide a credible account of events during Trump’s four-year term in the White House?

The answer, which is easy to determine from the beginning, is not. Kushner has decided to ignore the far too many issues that have been making the headlines lately, and sneak up on them to avoid damaging his relationship with his stepfather.

Instead of taking the bull by the horns and recounting the shocking scandals that have plagued the presidency, Kushner, who has a front-row seat to observing the scandals, argues for using too light a tone in his book. selected. More than a grain of sand that caught my eye during my trip to the Middle East.

Kushner is revealed as a hard-working man who sacrificed a comfortable life as a real estate mogul for the challenging life of serving his father-in-law.

He has not been deterred from fighting Trump adviser Steve Bannon and others who are trying to sideline him, including allegations that he is colluding with Russia. have resolved emergencies, advanced important agendas, and even brought about peace. middle east.

As Kushner led us to believe, he was a handsome superhero, the eternally young Peter Pan who always wore perfectly tailored suits and enjoyed four successful years. That would have crushed it on Washington’s political cliff.

All the while, his many opponents and detractors have plotted his failures, disrespected him and his noble wife Ivanka, leaked malicious reports to the tabloids, and stood in the way of his path to success. was placed.

With 59 chapters in the book, you must wonder how the author managed to drown out the truth of what happened at the White House in such a sea of ​​words.

I can understand why he would do that, but to his credit, Kushner managed to sidestep the controversial issue.

One example is President Trump’s relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin and his administration. Kushner displays the agility of his ballet dancer, reveals his name, and mocks signs of Russian involvement in President Trump’s 2016 campaign. In fact, he often repeats that the media is to blame for the disproportionate coverage.

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Shushu ShushuShushu Shushu

Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump

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The pile of evidence amassed in this open issue doesn’t bother the presidential adviser. He must incorporate perceptions, formulate a way of thinking, and end this nuisance that has plagued the entire First Family.

In chapter 12 of his book, Kushner describes how he prepared to testify before a Senate select committee, and a frustrated Trump walks into his room to make the latest headlines. I sat down lamenting.

“You’re too hot right now,” said the president. “Did you do something wrong? You need to clear yourself up and fix this.”

Dramatic indeed. After all the research and investigative reporting, Kushner was white as snow. Trump apparently couldn’t stand Putin and the whole ordeal was the work of the fake news media.

Jared and Ivanka, including the out-of-control Bannon, former White House Chief of Staff John Kerry, and even Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who was ultimately fired due to Trump’s nerves, have been the White House and the administration. succeeded in uniting the adversaries within, in a Twitter post.

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איוונקה טראמפו ג'אד קושנראיוונקה טראמפו ג'אד קושנר

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner

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Kushner, who had only good intentions, describes how he battled Tillerson over a proposal for a Middle East peace plan. Kushner wrote that he didn’t like the idea of ​​a presidential aide in charge of such an important issue. Tillerson’s anger was a hindrance. So what did Peter Pan do? He booked a flight to Israel.

Yata, Yata, Yata. Ultimately, there was no peace deal with the Palestinians, as Trump had hoped, but a few chapters later, after hours of flying over the Middle East, the Abraham Accords were finally signed, resolving the issue of annexing the West Bank. it was done. holiday. Considering Tillerson, not a bad result.

In another example, Kushner talks about how her daughter Arabella helped deepen Trump’s relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The talented Arabella Kushner sang in Chinese for President Xi at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Florida, delighting the visiting president.

Yada, yada, yada, the trade crisis was averted and after tough negotiations, China yielded to Trump’s demands and signed a deal that would improve America’s standing.

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Donald Trump, Jared Kushner Donald Trump, Jared Kushner

Donald Trump, Jared Kushner

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The book explains how Trump negotiated the USMCA deal by threatening Mexico that US criminal reform would be canceled and COVID aid withheld.

In fact, Kushner has never taken responsibility for the pandemic’s deaths on the president’s side, blaming Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, for drying up emergency stores.

Here again the Wizard stepped in, managed the impossible after a few phone calls and a few threads.The Pfizer vaccine was on the market in less than a year and the medical supplies needed were there. It’s full again.

Kushner wrote only sparingly about the grave crisis with NATO and its European allies, and largely welcomed Trump’s warnings about Russia, Ukraine, the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, and the lack of money Europe has invested in its armed forces. is doing.

The author’s lack of desire to tackle the tougher issues of Trump’s term in office is most apparent given the fact that the bookshelves are already filled with amazing stories from the era.

Peter Baker and Susan Glasser’s The Divider and Maggie Haberman’s The Confidence Man join Bob Woodward’s contemporaries Fear, Fury and Danger to mirror Kushner’s account. providing.

They face President Trump head-on and present the chaos as it is. Kushner wraps the chaotic White House in pink cellophane.

There is still not a word about the divisiveness that characterizes Trump. Not a word about attempts to overturn the election results or the president’s role in instigating his January 6 riots in the capital.

They’re all missing from Kushner’s account, and require no introspection on his part. They are insignificant minor episodes in Kushner’s view, which can be inferred from their virtually non-existence in his account. Even with Trump’s delusional behavior after losing the election, Kushner sympathizes with the president’s pain.

Still, for the former president’s Israeli fans, Kushner provides a long list of meetings and events involving Israelis.

Even Benny Gantz briefly appears in the book.

One of the stronger citations in the book on the issue is the US president’s response to Netanyahu’s speech during a visit to the White House announcing that Israel would annex parts of the West Bank and its administration, contrary to previous agreements. refers to the reaction of It is expected to support movement.

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הבית הלבןהבית הלבן

Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump

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An angry Trump said Kushner Netanyahu delivered a political speech and dragged the president into it.

Kushner’s book shouldn’t be your first choice for a serious account of President Trump. Followers of American politics have plenty of other options.

But if readers find the account of Netanyahu planting trees in Israel on behalf of Kushner moving, and the ceremony of naming a room in the US Embassy in Jerusalem after Kushner interests readers. If intrigued, this is certainly worth reading.

There are many such gossip items, many stories about the author himself, and much can be provided about the history of the Kushner family, including his father’s imprisonment and even young Kushner’s fortune-making talents. .