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Level up the Michigan Science Center with a virtual reality game

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Starting Wednesday at 10 a.m., the Michigan Science Center is literally taking your virtual gaming experience to the next level. The new “Level Up” interactive exhibit opens Wednesday morning at the Michigan Science Center.

From now through January, Level Up is hosting “Electric Playhouse Travels” at the Michigan Science Center. It challenges your brain in a whole new and different way.

Mi-Sci President and CEO Dr. Christian Greer said: “With the generous support of General Motors, we are able to connect a young man on his own terms with STEM, igniting their perception of the value of play in imaginative thinking and creative problem-solving. can do.”

Designed for families and students, this installation showcases the acquired skills behind children’s most beloved video and analog games to create interactive and immersive learning experiences. This exhibit is made possible by General Motors. Electric Playhouse Travels is a special Level Up feature available for a limited time until January 3rd. Level Up will remain at the Michigan Science Center throughout the academic year.

Leveling up also consists of the following game zones:

Console or video game – Research shows that action gamers are good at using models to solve non-game problems. Portal 2 on Xbox requires players to come up with questions, design experiments, and implement solutions while applying advanced physics. Multiplayer mode allows players to work together to solve problems and work towards collective victory over the game.

Virtual Reality Gaming – Equipped with Oculus Rift headsets, this zone takes you to different worlds and locations. You will also learn how this technology is being used in medical settings.

Analog Games – Board games teach hands-on STEM skills without a technical element and appeal to a wide range of age groups. Level Up’s massive game allows players to learn design and game mechanics.

Arcade Zone – The final zone features a dedicated space where guests can play classic arcade games, as well as Games for Change (G4C) student challenge contest winners and games in a virtual playground projected onto the floor and ceiling. Included. game controller.

The Ames Room – A special room designed to challenge our perception of reality by removing all the visual cues we normally use to determine the size of objects. This effect causes objects and people in a seemingly ordinary room to shrink or grow depending on their position in the room. When we see a person inside the Ames room, our brain is tricked into thinking the room is a regular square. In reality, the room is trapezoidal, with one corner farther away than the other. Mi-Sci’s Ames Room also has a selfie station for those who want to share their experiences.

Level Up featuring Electric Playhouse Travel is included with Mi-Sci general admission.Book your ticket at www.mi-sci.orgMi-Sci is located at 5020 John R. Street in Midtown Detroit and is open Wednesday through Sunday from 10am to 4pm.