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Marchand returns to practice, calls rehab process 'mental triumph'

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boston – Technically, Brad Marchand shouldn’t have been contacted on Sunday.

But understandably, Winger simply couldn’t help himself.

when Matt Guzelczyk Winger had to give the blue liner a tiny bump to slow him down as he slid around him during the drill.

“Grizzy was buzzing around me and I couldn’t take the puck from him, so I thought I’d go through him.”He’s too fast, I can’t keep up. I was tired and just wanted to finish the drill.”

Marchand’s return isn’t imminent yet, but the 34-year-old is happy to have ticked off another part of his rehab process. , provided him with the opportunity to fully participate in skating without major contact or fighting.

“It feels really good. It was a mental victory above all,” Marchand said. “It was a long four months, and it was an easy practice for everyone, so I asked them to jump in with me. [Charlie McAvoy’s] there. But having a group of people and coming back to a team is a whole different feeling.

“It was an easy day so I could come back and do everything they did. It was just skating. The same thing I was trying to do alone.” [Jeremy Swayman].”

Marchand said his participation in practice will be determined on a day-by-day basis, and he could be on the ice with his teammates for a second straight day in an optional morning skate scheduled for Monday. said to be high.

“I think it depends on the events of the day now,” Marchand said.[Monday] It’s morning skating so I’ll probably be back there again…just something similar, not a lot of contact or battle drills. We will take it daily and see where we are. “

It will take time to recover, but Marchand feels he is already reaping the benefits of the double hip arthroscopy and labral repair he underwent on May 27th.

“The people who did it raved about how great it felt afterwards, so I was waiting to see how I felt,” Marchand said. “I’ve dealt with a lot in the last few years on my hips, crotch and everything, so the change has been incredible. What I feel there is the same day and night. I’m really longing to be able to go back and feel… the mood right now.

“It’s a great feeling, it’s kind of a relief. I was a little nervous about how long it would take, where we were in the shape of the match, where the timing would be when we got back. It’s a little off. But In the long run, I think it was the best decision and I am really, really happy with it.”

Video: Marchand speaking to the media at WIA on Sunday

Carlo Seidreind

Brandon Carlo According to coach Jim Montgomery, Boston’s bench boss said the Blue Liners wouldn’t be ready to face the Florida Panthers at TD Garden on Monday night.

“We’re hopeful, but he’s not ready to play yet,” Montgomery said. “No rush, that’s for sure. We’re going to do it when it’s right for them, just like when Grizzy or Marquee or Mack started skating with the team. Because that’s the right thing to do.” Bruins. “

Bruins bring back left-shot defense with Carlo out Dan Renouf from Providence. This summer, the 6-foot-1-inch, 198-pound player signed a two-year, two-year contract with Detroit (2016-17 and 2021-22) and Colorado where he played 23 games over three seasons. I have NHL experience. (2020-21).

“We felt like he was a solid at-home defense at camp. He defends really well and helps break down packs,” Montgomery explained. I think that’s why he’s the man.”

VIDEO: Montgomery Addresses Media from WIA on Sunday

front line of injury

As Boston gears up for Monday’s matchup against the Florida Panthers at TD Garden, some updates on the Bruins’ injury front:

  • Grzelcyk practiced in full again on Sunday, but is unlikely to play in the next three games as he continues to progress after offseason shoulder surgery. “At the end of practice, I told him how he felt,” Montgomery said. “We had him contact us a little more. [Saturday morning]He is healthy where he had surgery but is just sore from not having much surgery. This shows that he is not yet ready for the match. “
  • Montgomery said he didn’t expect Jake Debrasque (Upper body) Go out for “more than 10 days”. The winger, who was injured in the season opener in Washington, did not skate on Sunday. “I think it’s a matter of how quickly that part heals. He’ll be right back. I don’t think he’ll take more than 10 days.”

Stralman is still ineligible

Anton Stralman Montgomery indicated Wednesday that a veteran attorney who signed a one-year, $1 million deal may be nearing a solution, but is still grappling with the visa issue. To do so, the Blue Liner must travel outside the United States.

“To get a visa, you have to leave the country you plan to live in. You have to cross the border,” Montgomery explained. “We’re not in a rush for visas yet, but we’d like to…because he needs to get the kids too. They’re flying to Canada at some point today, We can make it. I’m very hopeful, but we’re speeding things up. It’s a bit of a problem.”