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Meta Brings UFC Fight Pass To Virtual Reality

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Meta Brings UFC Fight Pass To Virtual Reality

Image: Pavel Danilyuk (Pexels)

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Meta and the UFC have partnered to bring mixed martial arts to virtual reality in the future via Fight Pass.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the world’s largest organizer of mixed martial arts. MMA combines various techniques from various martial arts such as boxing, judo, taekwondo, muay thai and karate and is very popular.

The UFC main event is broadcast as a pay-per-view event and regularly generates millions in sales. Soon, martial arts fans will be able to experience this spectacle in his virtual reality.

UFC Fight Pass Comes to Horizon Worlds

UFC and Meta recently announced a partnership to bring the organization’s events to virtual reality. As a result, the subscription service UFC Fight Pass, which gives fans access to live MMA shows, will be available in Meta’s proto-metaverse Horizon Worlds.

The fight will be broadcast live there as a 180-degree video and then made available as an on-demand replay for a period of time. LFA 144 will have its first live broadcast on October 14th and will be replayable from October 23rd to 27th. Production company YBVR is preparing a show for VR broadcast.


UFC Bosses Considered VR Fans

Boxing graduate UFC President Dana White has been involved in virtual reality for some time. On his Instagram channel, the UFC boss recommends his VR game for boxing his training. For a retired boxer like him, Thrill of the Fight is a real workout, he says. Misha Cirkunov also uses his VR boxing.

Active MMA fighters prepare for battle in virtual reality with Creed: Rise to Glory. However, Cirkunov has a different focus.

“In training, you can beat anyone, but how you perform in front of all people, under all lights…that’s what I’ve been working on. Using tricks at home We simulated it,” explains Cirkunov. To overcome his stage fright, he said he trained in VR headsets. “Since wearing this helmet, I’ve been in his championship boxing ring and now it doesn’t bother me.”