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Morning Lookout: Countermeasures N and O take the stage.Physical therapy meets virtual reality

Good morning, friends and neighbors from Santa Cruz County. It’s Tuesday, October 18th. As the days go by, the sun mixes with the clouds, and the temperature rises from 60 to 80 degrees.

There’s a lot to dig into at Lookout this morning. If you prefer a solo approach, let’s move.
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Second in our series Lookout Election Forum Held Monday night at the Hotel Paradox, the City of Santa Cruz voters will be focusing on two key ballot proposals. Our Campaign Trails feature details the discussions between the two factions. Major Nand about the ways of pros and cons Major O framed their claims. Read our early analysis and tune in to Lookout for more coverage. Another forum is scheduled for Monday, October 24, for Santa Cruz City Council and District 28 candidates. Register for the free in-person event here Virtually in Paradox or via Zoom.

Last week’s first forum included candidates vying to be county superintendents of the 3rd District. Community Voice Opinion Corner.

Aside from the election, Thomas Sawano speaks with Michael Powell, one of the three UC Santa Cruz alumni behind Immergo Labs. Immergo Labs aims to change the face of physical therapy and capitalize on the transition to telemedicine with virtual reality options. .

We also have the latest local COVID numbers and news about worker strikes in the City of Santa Cruz.

About the Campaign Trail: Forum Spotlights Major N and Major O

Lookout's Wallace Baine (left) moderated, while Cyndi Dawson (middle) and Lynn Renshaw debated Bill N.

(Kevin Payshaw / Lookout Santa Cruz)

On a forum moderated by Wallace Baine of Lookout, proponents and opponents of Countermeasure N and Countermeasure O took the stage at The Hotel Paradox to get an early analysis of what happened Monday night. Plus, we look forward to seeing City Hall on Tuesday and Watsonville on Wednesday coming together on the campaign trail..

Measure N details: Measure N Vacant House Tax: Are New Tools Aimed at Improving Affordability Helpful or Flawed? (Look Out)
Details for Major O: Many disagreements: Measure O revitalizes competing visions of downtown Santa Cruz (Lookout)

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Combining Virtual Reality and Physical Therapy: Immergo Labs Born from UCSC Roots

virtual reality physical therapy

The COVID-19 pandemic has released spirits from the telemedicine bottle. UC Santa Cruz alumni Aviv Elor, Ash Robbins and Michael Powell bring physical therapy into the home via his Immergo VR, a virtual reality telemedicine platform. Click here for Thomas Sawano’s Q&A with Powell.

In the words of a local newsmaker: Learn more about Lookout Q&A

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Let’s enjoy Tuesday!

Will McCahill
Lookout Santa Cruz