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NauticEd and MarineVerse Launch World's First Virtual Reality Sailing Course

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NauticEd and MarineVerse Launch World’s First Virtual Reality Sailing Course

by NauticEd Oct 18 07:34 PDT

NauticEd and MarineVerse launch the first-ever virtual reality sailing course featuring VR games with sailing training techniques and programs © NauticEd

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NauticEd, the world leader in on-water and online sailing training, today announced a partnership with Australia-based virtual reality (VR) sailing simulation pioneer MarineVerse to launch the first virtual reality sailing course to incorporate VR. provide jointly. Games using sailing training techniques and programs.

Self Mastery, the first VR sailing course, was co-developed by the two companies and features sailing training that balances authenticity and entertainment in a fully immersive virtual sailing experience.

This training allows players to learn how to steer a sailing yacht, trim the sails, manage the speed of the boat, and navigate. The boat reacts to wind conditions and all decisions made by the player, giving instant feedback on how the player’s actions affect the boat’s behavior. Other more complex modules, such as docking and maneuvering in marinas, night navigation and bad weather, are also in production for future accessibility.

“How can we make sailing less intimidating and more open to different types of sailors? Do you want to continue? The answer is VR and we believe it will happen. Let’s revolutionize sailing education,” said Grant Headifen, founder and global director of education at NauticEd. . “As experienced seafarers have known for thousands of years, competence requires theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and a lot of experience. It connects to the experience and pushes the boundaries of the user’s imagination in a safe, surreal world: an intimidating training environment.”

The metaverse has grown exponentially over the last two years, mostly driven by games and fitness apps. With the growing popularity and affordability of devices like the Meta Quest 2, NauticEd recognized an opportunity to leverage the unique capabilities of VR and MarineVerse innovations to enhance and transform sailing instruction. MarineVerse wanted to capitalize on the growth of modern sailing education as part of their vision to make sailing more accessible and enjoyable. Their partnership is in line with the fact that online sailing course registrations have skyrocketed since the pandemic began, with NauticEd reporting he has seen a 43% increase in registrations over the past 24 months.

MarineVerse founder Greg Dziemidowicz is also excited about the partnership. “Sailing has always been a community for me,” Cemidovich said. “NauticEd will make sailing instruction more affordable and accessible while inspiring, educating and entertaining our rapidly growing community of sailors.”

In addition to NauticEd’s sailing education and certification program, the partnership will also offer the complete MarineVerse Cup VR experience. Gamers with no interest in a certification course can try out VR sailing while learning, racing, and exploring the MarineVerse without any previous sailing experience. All participants can enjoy the MarineVerse online community and compete with others around the world.

NauticEd Instructor Trainer Edward O’Conner, a retired US Marine Corps Lt. Col. and Navy Top Gun Instructor Trainer, believes sailing VR training is a true game changer.

“Like flight simulators, virtual reality activates the same neural pathways found in real life.By engaging the entire mind and body, VR builds muscle memory and allows for longer retention. I will,” he said. “The real benefit of his VR learning environment for new trainees is that there is no penalty for making mistakes.

O’Conner, who helped develop the NauticEd instructor training program, predicts that instructors will be “just blown away” by the newcomers’ abilities after completing the new VR sailing course. He says VR helps prepare students for real-world water training where they can leverage their experience and progress faster.

The Virtual Reality Sailing Course with the ‘Self Mastery’ module is now accessible via the NauticEd website at or the MarineVerseCup app at Meta Quest. The MarineVerse Cup app requires a Meta Quest VR headset available for purchase on the Quest Store.

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