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Nebraska and Playfly Sports Announce 15-Year Multimedia Rights Deal

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Nebraska and Playfly Sports, an emerging leader in sports marketing, media and technology, today announced a new 15-year multimedia rights agreement. The deal puts Playfly Nebraska’s exclusive his MMR rights holder and sponsorship arm into effect on October 1, 2022.

“We are delighted to be working with Playfly as our multimedia rights partner for the next 15 years. During our discussions, we hope that they will become true partners who share the same level of commitment and passion for collegiate athletics.” I knew right away, Nebraska,’ he said. Trev Alberts, Vice President and Director of Nebraska Athletics. “They are a growing company that is innovative, creative, and ready to adapt to the evolving collegiate track and field environment. I am excited to help.”

Nebraska’s partnership with Playfly will leverage the company’s expertise in multimedia rights and leverage its extensive suite of marketing and media solutions to further grow the Huskers brand locally, nationally and globally. increase. Nebraska and Playfly will work together to leverage Playfly’s full feature set to enhance Nebraska’s digital footprint and fan experience, as well as traditional his MMR such as in-venue billboards and broadcast functional elements. Work to maximize your assets.

“Nebraska has one of the best exercise programs in the country and we are proud of it. Trev AlbertsChristy Hedgpeth, President of Playfly Sports Properties said: “Playfly is extremely committed to supporting the Huskers with innovative marketing and media solutions aimed at enhancing the experience for student-athletes, fans and alumni throughout Nebraska and across the country.”

The addition of Nebraska to Playfly’s growing portfolio marks the third Big Ten in its growing college property portfolio, joining Michigan State University and the University of Maryland, in addition to the company’s Big Ten Network partnership. It will be a program. Playfly currently oversees more than 35 college and high school state association facilities in total, providing naming rights and evaluation consulting, developing esports programs, providing digital technology, and unique sponsors such as the recently developed Campus. It has integration capabilities that extend beyond traditional multimedia rights, including innovations in Cast live broadcasts.

A new MMR agreement between Nebraska and Playfly Sports is pending approval by the University of Nebraska Board of Trustees. This item is on the agenda for his September 30th meeting of the Board.

About Playfly Sport
Playfly Sports is a full-service sports marketing company that fuses sports marketing, media and technology. Playfly Sports drives results-based solutions for brands that generate over 230 billion impressions each year across professional, college and high school sports, reaching approximately 83% of all sports fans in the United States. Playfly Sports’ exclusivity in the NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA, esports, and high school divisions leverages the influence and persistence of local sports fandom to bring value to local, regional and national brands to his partners. Brings Playfly’s insight-infused multimedia and technology platform drives innovation through scaled linear, digital, in-venue, and experiential marketing and engagement assets. Playfly Sports has the unique ability to partner, innovate and advance the aspirations of athletes, brands, academic institutions and sports fans across the country. Playfly Sports ignites its brand through the love of its fans. Visit Playfly Sports online at and follow Playfly Sports on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook (@PlayflySports).